February 3, 2020

one funnel away challenge review

Thanks for stopping by to check my one funnel away challenge Review.

In this OFA challenge review post, I am going to share with you in great detail, everything you need to know including the pricing.

So many people, students, and affiliates alike have been talking about the great transformation they experience after going through this online training course, courtesy of Clickfunnels.

And you are just about to experience the same transformation!

The truth is,

There are so many ways you can get Clickfunnels to work for you, irrespective of your niche or business,

Clickfunnels can help you grow and scale your business big time, whether you operate a real estate business, digital agency business, coaching business, dropshipping business, fitness, dental, or affiliate marketing business, etc

The question before you, which the OFA Challenge tries to help with is…

how will you go about it?

With the creation of the one funnel away challenge from Russell and his team at Clickfunnels, you might have heard a lot of hypes about this Challenge and wonder if it’s really something worth investing, or not.

But in this one funnel away challenge review post, I want to help you answer all of your underlying questions regarding this Clickfunnels product, how you can get this best from it, and what else you need to know.

In this review, I’m also going to show you my epic one funnels away bonus bundles and also show you how to get this product at a discounted price, and for half, it’s actual price.

If you want to see my one funnel away challenge bonuses and are actually interested to transform your business for the next 30 days of this challenge, you can stroll down to the end of this review to grab my epic one funnel away bonus pack to help you get the best from your OFA Challenge!.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

So, in this one funnel away challenge review post you will learn:

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge
Your One Funnel Away Challenge Kit
Meet Your OFA Coaches
What Will You Learn In The OFA Challenge?
The One Funnel Away Challenge Price
Why You Should Sign Up For the One Funnel Away Challenge.
Frequently Asked Questions
One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Conclusion
My One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge

So, you own a business or are interested in starting one. Or you already are in business, selling your own products and services, building funnels for clients and looking for how to use Clickfunnels to help you grow and scale your business.

The One Funnel Away Challenge happens to be your best response in a time like this, to help you grow & SCALE your business.

And in this one funnel away challenge review, we will show you what it will do for you and how going through this can be the transformation you need for your business.

The Clickfunnels one funnel challenge is a 30-day intensive step-by-step online training course that will help you create your first (or next) successful high converting sales funnel.

If you’ve ever heard the slogan, “you are one funnel away”.

It is ever true and so real once you go through this online training course.

Because you are just one funnel away from a truly successful business to give you the time and location freedom you’ve ever desired to be with the people you love and spend time with the most precious people and things you value most in life!

The one funnel away challenge is created by Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels, who happens to be a great online instructor and in this OFA Challenge, you will have the privilege to be coached by Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larson as they show you how to build your first (next) successful automated sales funnel

Your One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

Once you enroll to join the one funnel away challenge coaching program, you will be getting a One Funnel Away kit which contains a 550-page 30-day challenge book, your one funnel away workbook and a pre-loaded funnel training MP3 player and other bonus material that help with the challenge

The 30 Days Hardcover Book

With the OFA Challenge kit, you are going to get a 550-page book containing the secret plans and detailed blueprint from thirty (30) of Clickfunnels top “Two Comma Club” members showing you how they would start their businesses all over again if they had lost everything.

The concept of this book is to show beginner online marketers, who are starting from scratch, with no list, no resources, and no support whatsoever, how to properly start their OWN business – from the eye-view of those who have achieved the success they desire to achieve.

This will help to reduce errors and waste of time and money and help point you in the right direction, even if you are an experienced marketer.

There is nothing like seeing the view from someone who has been there before. In fact here is a chapter of the book from Spencer Mecham on affiliate marketing.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

The one funnel away challenge kit also contains a physical copy of the one funnel away challenge workbook to help you during the challenge and a checklist with daily task that needs to be attended to as you go through the challenge daily, so you get tangible results and you go through the 30-day plan.

MP3 player

With a cumulative total of 51 recordings and more than 40+ hours of training you can digest at leisure time, your one funnel away challenge kits also comes with a bonus mp3 player.

And this contains the audio training of Russell Brunson daily training and Stephen Larson’s live coaching calls during the previous challenge, so you can listen and immerse yourself in, while you go over your activities for the day.

The OFA Challenge training basically equip you with the best marketing strategy and shows you the latest know-how on lead generation, marketing, and how to make money online smartly, using Clickfunnels

Here is also what is included when you enroll to join the one funnel away challenge with the link below…

Your 30-Day Video Mission

This is basically the core of the one funnel away challenge training which is a 30-day video mission from Russell Brunson taking you through the step of a funnel creation process to coming out with a successful, income-generating funnel in 30 days.

After Russell has done the main task of teaching you in the daily video mission, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larson then come on-board to show you how you can apply the mission training to real businesses.

The two basically help show you how you can use what you just learned for the day and effectively execute it to producing income-generating assets for your business.

Meet Your OFA Coaches

In fact, the one funnel away challenge is spearheaded by three adorable coaches as each brings their unique style of teaching and wisdom to the challenge.

These are heavy lifters in the online marketing game and are ever ready to impact their most guarded knowledge toward helping you create, grow and effectively scale your business.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review Coach

And here’s a little spotlight on these three dudes.

Russell Brunson – Your One Funnel Away Coach

The co-founder of Clickfunnels, an amazing piece of software that helps businesses build marketing sales funnels and landing page, author of the popular DotCom Secrets, Experts Secrets, 108 Proven Split Test Winners and a host of other marketing books.

He takes a deep dive into showing you, in the one funnel away challenge, the mindset and strategies behind building best funnels, and how to bring the pieces to work together with ANY type of business.

In his Video Mission training for the challenge, he shows you his different best tactics to building out and marketing your offers, to knock out your competitors in the game.

He shows you his best-kept secret on how to craft out an offer your audience will crave for, and why creating your offer is the missing piece to creating a successful sales funnel.

Julie Stoian – Your One Funnel Away Coach

Gorgeous and elegant, your one funnel away coach – Julie Stoian is a 7-figure entrepreneur, a “Two Comma Club” member, an online course creator and the Vice President of Marketing at Clickfunnels, who will typically show you how to make money online.

She will show you how to basically use the power of digital marketing and sales funnels to grow your business, showing you how to put into practice, the lessons taught by Russell in the course of your training.

Stephen Larson – Your One Funnel Away Coach

Stephen Larson


Here comes your one funnel away coach – Stephen Larson.

Popularly known for his vibrant energy during the call, this OFA Coach will push you beyond limits to complete your daily tasks during this challenge.

Also a “Two Comma Club” member and the founder of the popular sales funnels podcast called: Sales Funnel Radio, Steve is an expert you’ll never want to take for granted.

What Will You Learn In The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The one funnel away challenge is one of the best course out there which aim to teach you every aspect of building a successful business using sales funnels.

The challenge is spread across five (5) weeks with daily emails straight into your inbox taking you to your challenge each day.

The challenge is aimed around funnel creation, lead generation, copywriting, traffic secrets and much more, and each day, you get personalized training regarding each of these topics.

And here is a weekly breakdown of the training:

OFA Challenge – Week 1

During your first week of the challenge, you go into the pre-week, creating the belief system you need to succeed throughout the challenge. It’s SUPER necessary and important to build the right belief framework and environment need to succeed in every area of your life, so during the pre-week, Russell aims to instill these beliefs in you.

OFA Challenge – Week 2

During the second week of this challenge, you are introduced to the Hook, Story & Offer. This is a very nice concept and eyes opening concept you don’t want to miss.

It was an eye-opener for me this week. You get to learn about offer hacking, the greatest showman, offer sequence, and creating your product.

Having being introduced to the concept of creating a Hook, story & offer during this week of the training, you will also start building out YOUR own hooks and stories. you learn about the Epiphany Bridge, how to create your original story, and also, steps to begin test out your hooks and stories.

During this week, you will also learn how to incorporate creative stories in your business because people tend to relate better with you based on your original story. You are also going to learn how to come up with persuasive and down-to-earth stories that will make your audience attach themselves to you as they relate with you and your message.

OFA Challenge – Week 3

This week, it’s time to get your hand dirty.

This is when you will be guided to creating your sales page, squeeze pages, order form, OTO page, members area and everything in-between.

You will start the process of building out your funnel this week.

OFA Challenge – Week 4

When everything is set and done, it’s time to get eyeballs (a.k.a. traffic) to your funnel. Here you will learn the three types of traffic you will ever need, how to create your Dream 100, and what to do (and not do) when your traffic flops.

OFA Challenge – Week 5

What to do going forward, after you’ve completed the training, you’ll be given your next plan for the next 90 days to optimize your funnel and income moving forward.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Price

To get all these and MORE, It will cost you only a hundred buck, and this is going to be the best $100 you are ever going to spend on marketing training.

Point Blank!

The one Funnel away challenge costs only $100 which covers all your coaching materials, challenge kits, workbooks, bonuses, and extra training during the whole 30 days and the kits would be shipped to your location for an additional price of $19.95 to cover the shipping cost if you are in the US and $29.95 for individuals outside of the US.

But if you are like us who have gone through this challenge multiple times, you may opt-in for the digital version of the challenge so that you will only be required to pay just $100 for the challenge, excluding the kits.

Why You Should Sign Up For the One Funnel Away Challenge.

One question that might be one your mind is, should you even signup for the one funnel away challenge?

This program costs $100 and this will be the price you pay to join the challenge. This money gets you into the challenge plus every other item you’d be getting which included your,

One funnel away challenge Kit, 30 days of coaching, a physical workbook, a physical copy of the 30 Day Book, 30 Days Video Missions, and a large collection of an interview.


Should you even sign up for this challenge?

Answer: Yes!

And here is why you should sign up for the one funnel away challenge.


First, for all the training, coaching and materials you’d be getting from the challenge, It’s worth every penny of the price.

Similarly, training like this will cost you more than a thousand buck to get access to the same quality of training and content available when you join the challenge.

For example, real experts and marketers charges well over a thousand dollar for a coaching session with them but with this challenge, you do be coached for a period of 30 days on how to grow your business with sales funnels, using Clickfunnels.

Even Russell charges upward of $25,000 to $50,000 for a coaching and mastermind session, where others pay his such a huge amount just to an hour of his time.

But in the one funnel away challenge, he will coach and hold you by hand for the next 30 days, to create something that will provide an additional source of income, for you and your loved one.

So, the one funnel away challenge is worth its penny.


And you get to accomplish more during this challenge because, this is more of an accountability program where you are held accountable, (as long as you follow the challenge), to ACTUALLY do something.

Most time, we need a kick in the butt to do something. Someone that will make us DO something. When we are left on our own, we most time feel lazy and procrastinate, but when we have someone/something that holds us accountable, we become more likely to get results.

So, the one funnel challenge serves as an accountability partner where Russell, Julie, and Stephen hold you accountable and makes you do something to creating, growing and scaling your business with funnels.

The Workbook


You are also getting the workbook for this challenge, and just like college, this workbook contains physical exercises and daily tasks to complete daily toward building your own successful funnel.

The workbook will guide you and make sure you follow along and do only those things that matter toward building a successful business using Clickfunnels.

This will allow you to do away with guesswork and be certain that EVERYTHING you are doing is those things that produce the maximum results for your business.

The 30 Days Book

challenge book

You also get a physical copy of the 30 Days hardcover book.

Now, here is something about this book.

To help others create, grow and scale their business, Russell called thirty (30) successful entrepreneurs in different niches and sat them down for an interview, and asked them,

If they were to start from scratch, without money, without an email list and no audience, plus without any money, how would they go about it to achieve the success they have now, using Clickfunnels.

What would they do from scratch with no money, no list, no audience and nothing at all, but with only access to Clickfunnels?


The 30 Days Book was born.

In the 30 Days book, they laid down their plans, what they would do, from Day One to Day Thirty. Stating what they would do every single day for the next thirty days to get to where they are now.

This is literally a blueprint.

And it’s right in front of you to model for success, shorten the learning curve, and time of execution for you.

Imagine just ONE of these blueprints can do for you.

You can literally go through these thirty (30) blueprints and from these thirty (30) successful entrepreneurs, choose an entrepreneur and a business model that align with your business type and follow this blueprint for the next thirty (30) days to success.

You learn from real experts and how they would use Clickfunnels to succeed, starting from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked question and their best answers to help you decide on the OFA Challenge

How much is the OFA Challenge?

The challenge costs only $100 and this is the best hundred dollars you will ever spend on marketing training. The cost covers everything you need for the challenge. Including the kits, which will contain the physical stuff that will be shipped to your physical address.

Is the OFA Challenge worth it?

Much more than anything, the one funnel away challenge is 100% worth it. Even Russell charges thousands of dollars for similar training like this. But to help his people succeed with Clickfunnels for their business, he’s making this training ridiculously available to everyone.

Is there any money-back guarantee for the OFA Challenge

Should you ever go through this challenge, tune in to your daily video missions and decide that this is not worth its money, Russell will be more than willing to refund you your money.

Whether you take the challenge or not, it does not have any effect on him, rather, he is the one who is making himself available to help you grow your business with funnels.

So, if you decide the one funnel away challenge isn’t worth its price for you, he is more than will to refund you your cost price.

Will I have A Funnel I can use by the end of the OFA Challenge?

Yes! When you follow through the one funnel away challenge, by the end of the challenge, you will have a funnel you can use for your business.

Also, during the course of your challenge, you will be given pre-made funnels you can work with for the challenge.

So, you will have a funnel(s) use during the one funnel away challenge, and by the end of the OFA challenge, you will have funnels you can use and work with for your business growth.

Do I need to sign up for Clickfunnels for the OFA Challenge?

No! You don’t need to sign up with Clickfunnels to go through this one funnel away.

This training is meant to show you how to create a successful business with sales funnels, showing you how to come up with successful sales funnels.

But your resource that comes during the contains some templates you can import into your Clickfunnels account to start working with these templates,

But, there are other funnel builders outside Clickfunnels and if you feel you don’t want to use Clickfunnels for your sales funnel, you can use any other funnel builder of your choice.

But playing with funnels come into play in your third week when you need to start creating your opt-in pages and your other marketing page.

During that week, you can sign up for a Clickfunnels free trial because the good news is that, Clickfunnels allows you to try its software suite for two weeks to decide if it’s good for you or no.

Do I need to have any special skill to Join the OFA Challenge

No, you don’t need to have any special skill to take part in the one funnel away challenge. The challenge is there to teach you lots of marketing strategies to help you create high converting offers for your business.

So, If you can use a computer and have an internet connection to download your materials, and can actually read, you are good to go because the one funnel away challenge is there to teach you what you need to know.

Do I need to have my own product to join the Challenge

No, you don’t need to have a product to join the one funnel challenge. You don’t even need to have a product to make money online or start an online business, which is what the challenge is aimed at.

As state before, this course is all about creating funnels, driving traffic, understanding conversion optimization, creating membership areas, understanding how to properly sequence your offers, and so much more.

This one funnel away challenge can even help you package and sell your knowledge using all of these above strategies.

Is there any One Funnel Away Discount Available?

Surprisingly there is a hack to get the one funnel away challenge discount and enroll for the challenge at a discounted price.

 Here is how to get it:

LeadFunnels Swipe Files is one Clickfunnels product that shows you the secrets of creating landing pages that convert your visitors into leads. In LeadFunnels you get 106 actual case studies of the world’s most successful lead funnels.

It shows you how to boost conversions and get your audience hooked.


You can click on this link to buy Lead Funnels swipe file, then after that, you will be offered an upsell to register of the OFA challenge. Reject the offer, then you will be given a downsell to get the digital version for $49.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Conclusion

The one funnel away challenge is a life-transforming program for anyone who is serious about creating a business that will help you live the life you desire.

It will help you create an income-producing asset for yourself and your loved one.

This challenge will show you practically how to use Clickfunnels and the power of a sales funnel system to create offers that convert and help you make money with proven tactics and marketing strategies that will make you succeed more than anyone else.

It’s totally worth your time and investment, and if you are ready to get things done, go ahead and reserve your spot now.

My One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

My one funnel away challenge bonuses are there to make you get the best out of your purchase when you purchase using any of the links on this site,

Now that you’ve gone through the review of the one funnel away challenge, I’m going to personally give you my one funnel away challenge bonus to support my review and help you get the best out of the program.

This review of the one funnel away challenge program is my best way of showing you what is in it for you and my one funnel away challenge bonus is to help you leverage the program plus my review.

My one funnel away challenge bonuses are there to make you get the best out of your purchase when you purchase using any of the links on this site,


Here is the list of one funnel away bonuses I’m offering you to help you make more and succeed with Clickfunnels and sales funnels for your business.

My one funnel away challenge bonuses are there to make you get the best out of your purchase when you purchase using any of the links on this site,


Here is the list of one funnel away bonuses I’m offering you to help you make more and succeed with Clickfunnels and sales funnels for your business.

#1. Funnel Builder Mastery Collection

Bonus #1 – Lead Funnels Mastery Course: 4+hrs lead funnel building course & pre-built share templates (Plus Extra!)

Bonus #2 – Affiliate Launch Mastery Course: How to leverage affiliate product launches (In less than 24 hours) and tap into free traffic.

Bonus #3 – CF Pro Mastery Course: Learn how to set up all different types of funnels and become a Clickfunnels expert even if you have zero experience!

Including tech, funnel strategies and MORE!

Bonus #4 – OFA Bonus Mastery Course:

  • Video Recap and Slides
  • Templates & Systems
  • Advance Sales Training
  • Mentor Masterclasses
  • Other assets & goodies I’ve built from previous offers
  • And other bonuses

#2. My Private Template Database

Bonus #5 – CF Shared Funnel 3000 Vault: Don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it! Get unlimited access to all my Personal Shared Funnel Templates…

Bonus #6 – Premium Affiliate Templates: Also get a load of awesome affiliate “bridge pages” engineered for getting instant commissions!

Bonus #7 – 2CCX System Boards: These Trello boards will make building your funnels and getting tasks done infinitely faster so you can save time and make money.

Bonus #8 – Offer Creation Vault: Use proven frameworks and templates to design your sales message and create a truly irresistible offer…

Bonus #9 – Personal Brand Toolkit: Increase authority and maximize the amount of quality traffic you receive with this tool.

Bonus #10 – Content Creation Planner: Map out 12 months’ worth of content in less than 30 minutes…

Bonus #11 – Custom Follow Up Email Swipes: Increase conversion on autopilot with this.

3. Exclusive PDF Library

Bonus #12 – FB Comment Stack Swipe File: Get the best performing Facebook post from over 30+ entrepreneurs to model.

Bonus #13 – Solo Ads Secrets Blackbook: Bring in high quality and targeted solo ads traffic that works for your business with my Rolodex of tested and handpicked vendors

Bonus #14 – CF Share Funnel Library: Receive 46 different share funnels including several million-dollar funnels as part of this library.

Bonus #15 – ClickMagick Link Tracking Guide: Learn how to manage and optimize your links for conversion.

Bonus #16 – Funnel Accelerator Checklist: This checklist is designed to make or break your funnel so you can rest assured it sells when it is time to launch – with the exact formulas that cause success.

Bonus #17 – Million Dollar Ads Swipefile: Take a look at the Facebook of 40 top internet entrepreneurs.

Bonus #18 – Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs: Currently containing 130+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs.

Bonus #19 – Expert Facebook Ads Strategy Guide: I think this speaks for itself…

Plus… Additional (secret) templates, tools, training and MORE!

These one funnel away challenge bonuses are going to give you an UNFAIR Advantage with your one funnel away challenge so that you can grow, scale and skyrocket your business with Clickfunnels and have a high income producing sales funnels within the next thirty (30) days

Not only are you getting these unfair advantages to;

  • Use a funnel to grow your business
  • Create offers that convert like CRAZY with proven framework and templates
  • Design a marketing message that separates you from the rest of your competitors
  • Position Yourself as an expert to attract free qualified leads even if you are a NOBODY right now

These will also help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and business owner.

I hope you got value from this review of the one funnel away challenge, and I hope my one funnel away challenge review has helped you better understand how the challenge can help you as an individual.

My one funnel away challenge review is aimed to help you see the immense value in this program.

And I believe this review has done its task to help you understand the one funnel away program.

This review plus my one funnel away bonus is the perfect recipe to success if you are looking to start and grow a business and achieve the freedom you desire.

So, if you are ready to make a difference, having gone through this review and ready for your one funnel away challenge, click the button below to get started

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