December 13, 2020

I want to take you on a journey before we begin with our Legendary Marketer review, please kindly follow along.

Now, picture that, like every other day, you're now at your cubicle. You're sitting down at 9:06 am (you're always a few minutes late — why not, it's not like you enjoy this darn job).

You open up SalesForce or some other CRM that lays out the onslaught of daily tasks you're going to need to fumble through until lunchtime.

You see you have 3 meetings today with people who are going to talk about conceptual ideas that don't help get anything done, rather than things the company, as well as you, can do to take action now.

You continue after lunch building up energy to cold call a bunch of prospects (or strangers) and try to sell them a product or service you don't believe in.

You keep staring at the clock, watching the second-hand tick and tock — each movement feeling like it's mocking your existence at this job.

You head home, make some frozen dinner in the microwave, put on another rerun episode of Friends or some show you've watched completely through at least 7 times until the clock gets close to midnight.

You brush your teeth, change into your pajamas, and settle into bed.

Before you completely fall into a mediocre slumber, you stare at the ceiling above your head and reflect briefly on how tomorrow is going to be exactly the same until you finally fall asleep.

What I described above is an image familiar to too many individuals.

It is an existence a lot of us find ourselves in after we graduated from college and started our first "Dreamed" job.

When things began, like most new adventures, things were great.

  • We were learning a lot
  • We were earning our first salary (a barely-enough-to-justify-our-college-fees)
  • We felt a sense of purpose showing up to a cool, rehabs' warehouse that was now an office building

And then when things started to settle into a routine similar to the one I described above, a gloomy realization started to weigh on you.

Before you know it — you were fired from your job. (well, some haven't gotten to this stage)


The pandemic and current global crisis took away our guaranteed Job.

The reason? Pretty much not giving enough of a shit.

What if you could learn online marketing and venture into the "Wild West" of making money online through various income streams.

And what if, rather than flying solo, you could learn from a reputable company that has invested a lot of time and money into tools, software, and upgraded funnels and system to make sure its people are getting real results with real transferable skills, and doing everything it can to change and affect the lives of many.

What if you had the opportunity to learn from one of the best digital marketing minds in the space of online marketing?

Would you jump on it?

If you had the opportunity to get coached and mentored by someone who has done over  $200 million in online sales in his entire career, how would that make you into a better person?

In this article, I'll go over my legendary marketer review and how you can leverage its digital marketing training to live life on your own terms.

Trying to fly solo and run a business in today's new reality can be a recipe for disaster! Joining Legendary Marketer will not only unlock instant access to an always up-to-date training and online marketing education for both beginners, intermediate and advanced entrepreneur.

You will also get instant access to "experienced business coaches" - a league of top marketing professionals who are ready and waiting to help you navigate these interesting times.

Whether you are looking to build a side income, ditch your boring 9-to-5 job, start an online business, make money online, spend quality time with your family, live life on your own terms, get yourself a solid online side income, plus a little leftover to take your family for a pretty posh meal - Legendary Marketer has some amazing opportunities waiting for you inside.


Hence, my Legendary Marketer review will be your companion and a true guide to everything you need to know about Legendary Marketer, and how it can help you make more money online, improve your digital marketing skills, and make you into a savage entrepreneur in this present-day economy - basic to advance! ☺

What is Legendary Marketer?

As someone who has gone through a lot of training online, and lots of courses in the online marketing space, Legendary Marketer is a thorough and remarkable digital marketing training for folks looking to get into the online marketing space.

With various low to high ticket products in it's line of products, the Legendary Marketer program is aimed at transforming a total newbie, who knows nothing about online marketing, into a savage marketer.

It's a top-level online marketing training program by David Sharpe who happens to be the CEO and founder of the Legendary Marketer brand.

Legendary Marketer Review

Source: SBT

His name, David Sharpe, has sparked so many debates in the internet marketing space with some seeing him as a colossal failure, and others seeing him as a marketing vet.

Well, the truth is, he was actually a failure. That's the reason for the many negative Legendary Marketer reviews you see flowing on the internet today.

But the more accurate truth is, he went on from being a failure to building 3 multi-million dollar companies from scratch, generated over a quarter-billion in sales online, and educating over 500,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

This is someone you definitely want to learn from.

While so many people associate him with the now-defunct Empower Network, what most people don't know is that David left Empower Network on good terms a couple of years before the network actually went downhill in 2017.

His main story as an individual before he came to limelight is one of the most sincere, intriguing, and a down-to-earth tale that any one individual could convey.

It was real, heartfelt, and passionate. It encompassed a journey that mentally, emotionally, and spiritually crippled him in the early years of his life. It was a story of rock bottom failure.

And as someone who left home at the tender age of 14, had his first child at the age of 16, became addicted to heroin at the age of 20 and clean four long years later, the cards were definitely stacked up against him.

That type of earth-shattering failure and pain really does a number on a person. Getting clean and overcoming those demons isn't as simple as people make you think.

You need to have some serious deep-down reasons for why you must succeed at all costs. You have to be able to extricate yourself from the shackles of bad habits that have consumed you during your whole life. And that's precisely what Sharpe did.

Before Sharpe ever came into close proximity with the internet marketing field, he was a construction worker. Looking for a way to make ends meet, like millions of other people around the globe, he turned to a field that could hopefully pay his bills.

But as much as he could try, he was never able to actually get ahead. Until one day, when Sharpe discovered the vast amount of money being made online by internet marketers, his entire mindset changed.

In the beginning, it was rough for Sharpe. No one out there should think that it's going to be easy whatsoever.

His journey took years and years to go from an absolute beginner to a fluid and seasoned professional, able to clearly visualize and achieve his dreams, conveying his vast knowledge expertly to those hungry-minded individuals out there looking to learn how to generate a respectable income online.

And this is what he is constantly doing with Legendary Marketer.

Learning more about him and watching some of his core training like the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge, I became more at ease with him and the person he's become.

As a company that focus on the online marketing education space, it's core suites of products consist of different training videos, weekly live webinars, actual live events and mastermind programs.

But everyone enters into the Legendary ecosystem through one of their front end lower ticket products which range from $1 to $7.

Then, you go through the 15 Days Business Builder Challenge which is a series of lessons over a 15-Day period that teaches you the fundamentals of building a successful online business.

During this challenge, you will also be exposed to some of the concepts that Legendary Marketer teaches and have an overview of what the program is all about.

Another remarkable thing about Legendary Marketer is that, once you sign up, you are assigned a business coach whom you can talk to as you go through the challenge.

Your business coach is also your point of contact who is also there to help you as you navigate through the challenge of building your very own online business.

He's there to make sure that you are always on track, keep you accountable, and make you get the most out of the program. This is one of the interesting things about Legendary Marketer and makes it great to the core.

Why Do People Label Legendary Marketer a Scam?

Before penning down this article, I was making researching into Legendary Marketer and came across numerous posts from different bloggers labeling the Legendary Marketer program a scam.

In fact, a simple search on Google for the search term "Legendary Marketer Scam" returned a ton of results from different bloggers calling the Legendary Marketer program a scam and how David Sharp is the ultimate scammer of all time.

Like this one

Legendary Marketer Scam

It's sad because reviews like this will end up starring you away from the ultimate online marketing education that will shape you into becoming a better marketer and teach you the basic and fundamental skills to earning a passive income online.

You should understand that most of these negative Legendary Marketer reviews claiming that Legendary Market is not legit were primarily written by individuals who were not patient enough to understand how the Legendary Marketer system actually works.

You should also note that most of these negative reviews were written by those who had ulterior motives whereby, after labeling the Legendary Marketer system a scam, they end up referring you to their own recommended system to make money online.

In this case, most of these negative reviews were heavily promoting a program known as Wealthy Affiliate

Therefore, it is in your best interest to fully understand what the Legendary Marketer program is all about so you don't get carried away by tons of misleading information online labeling it a scam.

Because, while others are calling the system a scam, right inside of the ever-growing Legendary Marketer community, there are tons of positive testimonies of numerous aha moments from individuals who are ready to transform their lives and finances without listening to the outside noise.

Just like these ones...

Legendary Marketer Testimony

To me, you can only label a program a scam when they don’t deliver on what they promise. I often hear people label training like this as a scam, but on further research, you come to discover those people simply didn’t put in the work.

They took the training, and waited for money to come flowing into the bank accounts.

Let’s look at this disclosure on every page.

So with disclosures like this, you need to keep in mind that they are an education platform. They are not there to do the work for you and make you rich. They are built around giving you digital marketing skills that help you make yourself rich.

Who is Legendary Marketer For?

Legendary has something unique to offer everyone at whatever level you are at creating a sustainable online business. The Legendary online marketing education has a different solution for beginners, intermediate and advance marketer alike.

Its educational training is aimed at teaching you the core concepts of building any type of online business. Whether starting, building, growing, and scaling your online business, Legendary Marketer is the right solution for you.

For the beginner or intermediate marketer who are looking to start, build and grow an online business, you are going to find Legendary a worthy companion in your journey to becoming a professional marketer.

Even the advanced marketer who already have technical skill sets and want to get to the net level in growing and scaling their online business will benefit immensely from the Legendary Marketer program.

So, if you are looking at building an online business or growing and scaling an existing business, the Legendary Marketer program is definitely a program you want to have in your arsenal, to gain clarity and think about marketing strategically in profound ways to help you thrive with your business online.

Legendary Marketer also have something unique for people looking to take advantage of it's affiliate program, which is a very lucrative affiliate program.

Legendary Marketer offers a high-ticket affiliate commission structure but you don't have to go for the high ticket sales.

To take advantage of its high-ticket sales, all you have do is sell their lower-end product lines like the Legendary Marketer affiliate book, Copywriter’s Playbook, and the 15 Second Free Leads (which is a Tik Tok Training) which are all under $2. 

Once you introduce these low-end products to your audience, they get absorbed into the Legendary ecosystem, and once in, the system automatically takes over the sales process for you.

This will allow you take advantage of the Legendary Marketer's sales team to help you close the higher-end product lines because once your lead comes in through any of the front-end products, they automatically introduce them to the higher-end Business Blueprints during their 15 Day Business Challenge thereby making you earn some really big affiliate commissions.

Fun Fact About Legendary Marketer

Lets get over some interesting facts about Legendary Marketer

Fun Fact #1: Legendary Marketer Support is Very Responsive

This is the first thing I noticed about Legendary Marketer. Firstly, I am from a country where Legendary is not supported and, interest in the program, I had to reach out to support to work out a solution and they were very responsive.

It's incredible how fast the Legendary Support is and how they handle customer enquirers in an ethical and respectable manner. Their support is an email away, and you are certain to receive a favorable response within 24hrs of reaching out to them or less.

Fun Fact #2: It's Training are Incredible

Its educational training are super incredible. It's rare to see similar educational training in this space as crystal clear as those in your Legendary dashboard and the training are full insights and aha moments to make you rethink the concept of internet marketing.

Atevery stage of your enterpreneur journey, Legendary has everything to offer everybody. From their training, they start with the basis, which is training on affiliate marketing and walk you upward to the path of high ticket consulting, and even showing you how to put out successful live events and profiut from it.

Even their lower-ticket offer like the Insider Guide to Affiliate marketing filled with lots of nuggets and value for such a very low price and its other lower ticket products are equally valuable to be ignored.

These products and training are super valuable and incredible to anyone looking to be a savage in the world of online marketing.

Fun Fact: #3: An Actionable 15 Days Business Builder Challenge

The 15 Days Business Builder Challenge deserve a mention of its own because this challenge is highly engaging and filled with actionable step every day of the challenge to force you work toward building a sustainable business within a short period of time.

This challenge shows you the fundamentals to building a successful online business and takes you along the process with actionable assignment to help you lay the necessary foundation for your business and set you on a path to success.

Fun Fact#4: It Affiliate Marketing Program Is Incredible

When it comes to promoting Legendary Marketers products as an affiliate, the Legendary Marketers affiliate program is very very awesome. With lots of high converting offers in its backend, Legendary has one of the best resources of tools to help you make more as an affiliate.

They equip you with all the tools and resources you need to success as an affiliate and also, all you need to do is send lead their way, and they also help you close the sale.

It's awesome when a company helps you achieve more high ticket sales with their in-house sales teams and with Legendary Marketer, 9 figure legend David Sharp and his sales team do the selling and you keep the commissions!

Fun Fact #5: Their Offers Convert Really Well

Their offers convert really well. All you have to do is get people to the landing pages Legendary Marketer provides you with, and they handle the rest.

When you get people to optin to any one of the many high-converting landing pages they provide you with, they does the heavy lifting for you by following up with your lead and closing the sales for you!

You just need to concentrate on one thing - sending people to their landing page. And with Legendary Marketer, conversions are hot because people are getting real results.

Where I Wish Legendary Marketer Could Do Better

Okay, lets get to the not so funny fact about Legendary Marketer where I believe they need to improve.

#1: You've Got to Get Through That Call

One of the things you need to do during your 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is to schedule calls with your coach to grade you and unlock your challenge for the next day.

I remembered being afraid to schedule that call.

I wish there was another way.

But there is only one way - you've got to schedule that call, and actually be on that call before your next day's challenge can be unlock.

#2: Not Everyone Gets Accepted into its Affiliate Program

Joining the Legendary Marketer's Affiliate Program is by application only and there is no guarantee that everyone is going to be accepted to promote the Legendary suites of products as an affiliate.

And to even think of being one of its affiliate, you must have actually gone through the 15 Days Challenge before you can apply to be an affiliate.

I understand they want to make sure they only recruit those whom they believe are ready, capable, and experienced to promote their products as an affiliate, there is no guarantee everyone gets accepted into its affiliate program.

#3: Not Everyone Can Take the Educational Training

Even if you don't want to be an affiliate but only want to go through its lines of educational material, here is a full list of blocked countries that can't even join the Legendary Marketer program.

This means that there are certain countries that are restricted tojoining the Legendary Marketers program, and if you happen to find your country listed on this list, there is absolutely nothing you can do.

Hope they do something about this so that interested people from other part of the world can also be part of this awesome program.

#3: You've Got to Pay to Unlock Even More Higher Affiliate Commissions

You can join the Legendary Marketer affiliate program and promote Legendary as a basic affiliate for free.

But Legendary actually has 2 levels of payouts. Their basic and pro affiliate account

To get the highest affiliate commissions you will have to signup to the Pro plan which costs $29.95 a month, but this now lets you earn the full 40-60% commissions on most of their products.

Well, having to pay a monthly fee to unlock higher affiliate commissions is honestly not the best in my opinion.

However, I consider the increase in commission percentages offered on these products to be a justification for this investment.  Especially when you’re promoting Legendary Marketer as one of your main affiliate products.

An Overview Into Legendary Marketer Suites Of Products

With lots of products in the Legendary suites of products, what you get as a customer depends on which products you end up purchasing.

But what does Legendary Marketer sell? Well, let's take a look at the products currently available in their suits of Legendary Marketer products

The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Insider guide to affiliate marketing is a $1.99 front-end offer for anyone wanting to get into affiliate marketing. Available in an eBook format, this guide goes through the fundamentals of building an affiliate marketing business.

Inside of this guide, David goes through strategies like finding a niche with proven buyers, how to find the best product to promote in these niches, and the secrets to scaling your affiliate marketing business.

He went ahead to share with his readers enough reasons why affiliate marketing is the best business model to go after as a beginner, important and fundamental rules to making enough sales with affiliate marketing, how to get an avalanche of traffic to your affiliate offers, tracking important key metrics in your affiliate business, and making sure you are compliance with different rules and regulation governing affiliate marketing as a whole.

He ended this guide by also sharing with his readers, the three stages of an entrepreneur's growth and more advice and value for anyone wanting to create a meaningful business with affiliate marketing.

All for less than the price of a coffee!

The value in this guide makes it a lot easier to recommend it to your audience and get them into the front door to the Legendary Marketer's world.

Click here to get the Insider Guide to Affiliate Marketing >>>

Copywriter’s Playbook

If you can master the art of copywriting, you've got what it takes write everything you’ll ever need to make your business wildly successful.

Copywriting is an in-demand skill that can help you effortlessly convey your message to the right people, reach more people, make more impact, and make more sales for your online business.

Once you understand the fundamentals and advanced salesmanship of a good copy, you will never be frustrated or intimidated by any new marketing channel, system, or technology again. In fact, you will know exactly how to write what needs to be written to make the sale... every time.

One great way to write a good copy is by tell amazing and relatable stories. Crafting your copy around your story is an exceptional way to draw your lead in, and actually turn them into paying customer.

And the Copywriter's Playbook shows you how to use stories to sell more. An 8-part video course that show you how to create exceptional copy for your business.

Inside this Copywriter's Playbook, you are going to discover the "6 Step to Irresistible Storytelling", showing you how to use the art of storytelling to draw emotions from your readers as they connect and relate with your story, thereby building the Know, Like and Trust factor needed for your business.

Among other thing, it also shows you how to get perfect clarity on your offer so you can write stellar copy, showing you the four crucial components you need to make your offer work flawlessly and connect with more people at the same time.

The Copywriter's Playbook went on to showing you amateur mistakes and pitfalls to avoid in your copy, how to use the Problem, Massage, Empathy, Solution increase conversion, exploit the 5 secret value triggers of every human, and bring the YOU factor into your copy.

And the cost? - $1!

At first release, for the amount of content and value contained in this playbook, the Copywriter Playbook was sold for $47 which was actually a great buy and worth the money, but today at part of the Legendary front-end offer, you can now get this same exact play for only $1. Well, that's a no brainer.

15-Second Free Leads

One way to succeed as a marketer is to discover trends and tap into it early enough before others get to know about it. And when it comes to social media marketing, TikTok happens to be one of the hottest and trending social media platform these days.

Seeing the huge potential on this platform, Legendary Marketer came out with its 15-Seconds Free Leads training showing you how to start growing, leveraging, and monetizing the ever-growing TikTok platform.

The 15-Seconds Free Lead training is a Tik Tok course that shows you how to leverage the Tik Tok platform to gain followers and generate leads on autopilot for your business.

The course is a recorded training from four (4) of Legendary’s top affiliates who are using TIk Tok to drive traffic and earn themselves commissions.

The course shows you these four top Legendary's affiliates who are seeing amazing results with TikTok for their business plus what they are currently doing to get these results.

Of these four Legendary Marketer's affiliates gaining results with this platform, the first shows you how to create 100-150 content ideas for TikTok in a matter of minutes. Breaking it into seven (7) executable steps, he helps you with creating a plan for your business brand on Tik Tok.

The second instructor walks you through the necessary steps to set up your perfect business profile on TikTok, showing you few keys things that will help you start monetizing your following on Tik Tok as soon as possible.

Your next instructor goes on to explain how to create shareable videos on TikTok because from his own results, he discovered that creating share-worthy videos on TikTok allows you to grow you TikTok following faster than normal.

Therefore he goes over the Batch Theory which involves a point system that TikTok uses to be able to share your videos. In this section, he also shares the Hashtag Step Method he uses to get his videos seen more by more potential customers.

Your final instructor in the 15-Seconds Free Lead training finally gives you his own proven strategies on how to post videos that people want to watch plus a bonus video that acts as an entire walkthrough of the TikTok platform and how to get things up and running with this incredible social media.

Some of the top Legendary affiliates are seeing some huge success with Tik Tok and what makes this platform so compelling is that if you don’t mind going on camera, it’s one of the easiest and fastest platforms to get traffic to your Legendary offers. Even faster than Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and much faster than Blogging.

And these leads do convert into Legendary sales!

Even if you are camera shy, It’s still worth learning about this platform because many of your Legendary referrals will have no problems going on video.  And they will welcome the opportunity to learn about a way to get quick results.

Like this..

Legendary Marketer Review about Tiktok

If you want to leverage this platform, Legendary Marketer does a good job with their 15-Seconds Free Lead training and you can get access to it for only $1.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is a flagship product of Legendary Marketer and a core product of the company that takes you through the fundamental elements of truly building a really successful business online.

For what it is, this challenge is truly helpful and insightful for anyone wanting to start or grow an online business.

With lots of aha moments during these fifteen solid days, David himself plus his Legendary teams pilot this very challenge from the very first day to the next fifteen days giving you new angles and insightful moments "every day" towards building a firm online business.

This 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge takes you through crystal clear video tutorials, instructions, and daily assignments toward setting up a proven online business using affiliate marketing as a tool.

The training dive extensively into affiliate marketing for beginners and the advanced marketer sharing ninja strategies and tactics to getting paid building a thriving affiliate marketing business.

The climax of this challenge is, you will be assigned to a personal business advisor whom you can put a call to, to support you give you advice, answer your questions, and coach you toward getting the most out of Legendary.

Plus access to a very supportive and responsive Facebook community dedicated to Legendary students.

For anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing, start a business online or even stuck with their own online business, the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge is the ultimate compass to direct you and lead you gaining financial freedom with proven business models.

Unless you are lazy, not willing to take needful actions, and hoping to make money online doing nothing, the Legendary marketers' 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge has what it takes for you to make respectable income online.

From the "Day 1" of this challenge, you will be exposed to the number 1 secret to building a high-ticket, high profit business online. Everything about sales funnels and how to build a value ladder for your business online.

Subsequently, from "Day 2" onward, you will get to learn the top four (4) successful online business models and why high-ticket is even better among these business models.

You will learn how to sell any type of product using affiliate marketing, what to do and what not to do, how to create a responsive email list, when to quit your job to build your business full-time, plus much more!

To get into this 15-Day Business Builder Challenge it cost only $7 one-time to get started, but what's even more interesting is that if you go through one of the three lower-ticket front-end offers mentioned above, you gain access to the 15-Day Challenge absolutely free!

The Marketers Club

The Legendary Marketers Club is a monthly subscription that is aimed at teaching you the necessary personal, business, and marketing skills needed to thrive with confidence in an ever-changing and highly competitive online marketing sphere every month.

Debunked as the Netflix of online marketing, the Legendary Marketers Club is a set of training, education, and resources to start, grow and scale your online business with monthly interviews from 6 and 7 figure marketers to help you grow online.

The Club also gives you access to past webinar replays on specific online marketing topics plus weekly live webinars from the Legendary's Chief Marketer Officer, Matt Heltzel, focusing around a specific topic for the week, after which the week's webinar will get posted into the Marketers Club.

These allows you to build yourself into a savage marketer as you get to learn from the best taking advantage of these extremely helpful training and high level education to becoming a world-class entrepreneur.

Inside of the Club, you also gain access to previous masterminds held by Legendary Marketer, and here, we are talking of masterminds that cost up to $15,000 to attend.

This is a perfect way to sharpen your skills as an entrepreneur and grow your business with laser-sharp focus and mentorship without getting bogged down by so much information online.

But at what cost?

The Marketers Club costs "$30 per month" to gain access to this incredible club and you can cancel it anytime. And for Legendary's affiliate, it's the Legendary Product that pays a recurring commission.

David Sharpe did an incredible job in here because the webinars under Legendary Marketer’s Club Subscription, are extremely valuable and are worth the money.

Traffic University

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business, and as an affiliate marketer, you need to understand that traffic is people and people are extremely predictable.

Waiting for people to come to you is not a strategy. As a marketer, you need to understand who your dream customers are, discover where they congregate online, throw out hooks that will grab their attention and pull them into your funnel.

Once they are in your funnel, you can tell them captivating and relatable stories and make them an offer. That's the big secret and a willing strategy to gaining boatloads of traffic for your business.

And Traffic University is that Legendary Marketer's product that teaches you how to efficiently use various paid traffic strategies on top platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, GDN (Google Display Network), and Twitter to create winning campaigns to pull your ideal customer into your funnel in your business.

In this training, you also learn how to create compliant landing pages for each of these platform so you can generate the maximum amount of leads without the risk of losing your accounts.

With a total of EIGHT different individual courses in this Bundle, each of these training is conducted by a company known as AdSkills which they excel at paid traffic strategies.

I remembered learning how to run a successful YouTube Ad campaign from Justin Brooke who is the man behind AdSkills. Here is a traffic guru who has spent over $10m+ on ads, acquired over 50,000+ customers for his business and now teach pro level strategies for all the hottest ad network.

These courses are backed by millions of dollars in real life campaign testing and updated frequently. So at Traffic University, you are getting access to top-notch traffic training from a company that offers an array of up-to-date online advertising courses.

This is a collection of many hours worth of training on paid advertising and if you were to sign up directly with AdSkills, you would have to pay up to $5k to gain access to them. But since these are part of the Traffic Rolodex, you’ll get access to these 8 modules for just $1,497.

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Native Ads
  • Youtube 2.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0
  • LinkedIn Ads

The Business Blueprints

During Day 6 of your Challenge, you have the opportunity to purchase the Legendary Marketer's Business Blueprints at a discounted price of $2500 only.

Day 6 Training

These are the business blueprints deconstructing the core FOUR top high-ticket business models David talked about in Day 2 of the Challenge which include affiliate marketing, digital product creation, events and Masterminds, and Coaching & Consulting.

Day 2 Training

These business models work extremely well in creating a sustainable online business because they help get more customers, do repeated business with the same customers, and sell high ticket products to increase base revenue, which are the main criteria for making money in any business.

It therefore come as a no surprise that Legendary Marketer has thorough business blueprints dedicated to each of these high ticket business models. Therefore, if you are looking for a solid plan to building out your business, it should be a no brainier investing in these business blueprints.

Let's take a look at what you get with each of these Legendary Business Blueprints

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is the first of the Legendary Business Blueprint bundle and shows you how to infuse affiliate marketing into your business strategy.

Everyone making a big chunk of income online today started in one way or the other with affiliate marketing and this blueprint gives you "the blueprint" to make passive income promoting other people's business.

The Affiliate Business Blueprints contains EIGHT module of training by Steph Perez showing you everything you need to start making money with affiliate marketing - in depth.

If you have ever dream of making money while you sleep, having those passive income vehicle bring in those passive automated income, affiliate marketing is a fantastic best side hustle idea that will help you quit that boring 9 to 5 job.

The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint shows you how to set up your affiliate marketing business from start to finish, with actionable steps, sifting through the noise, to building you dreamed lifestyle business.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Digital Products Business Blueprint

The next course in the Legendary Business Blueprint Bundle is the Digital Product Blueprint, a course taught by Mark Harbert. And this particular blueprint entails everything necessary to creating your own digital course or product.

Creating your own digital course can be time-consuming and without a good strategy, you could end up creating something no one is willing to pay for. But on the other hand, if you have a proven strategy, creating your own set of digital product can be a very good path to financial freedom.

With having your own set of digital products, you now own the cart. And by owning the cart, you no longer have to worry about another company deciding the fate of the product you choose to promote. You control everything from start to finish.

You are no longer at the mercy of someone else deciding your affiliate commission structure, complicated affiliate policies, unfavorable affiliate agreement, and even worse of all, shutting you down from their affiliate program after you might have invested significant amount of effort, resource and energy.

That is why, with the Digital Product Business Blueprint, Mark Harbert takes you through SEVEN different modules taking you through every necessary step to creating a winning and marketable digital course or products - from idea to product delivery, unto getting your first customer.

Legendary Marketer Digital-Products-Business-Blueprint

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

The next in your blueprint is the Event and Masterminds Business Blueprint.

While it's true that not everyone is going to start or focus solely on hosting events and masterminds as a business, as the world is getting digital, we still look out for that human touch.

The Events and Masterminds Blueprints is for those who look forward to hosting events or masterminds for their brand, and also profiting from it.

The blueprint shows you how to host successful events and masterminds from someone who have hosted tons of highly successful events on his own and profit handsomely from these live events, David Sharpe.

So with this blueprint, you are not learning fluffs, theories, and concepts that doesn't work, rather, you are learning from someone who actually does it live on the field and knows how to pull the crowd.

Legendary Marketer Events-Masterminds-Business-Blueprint

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

And finally, in this business blueprint bundle we have the coaching and consulting blueprint. With coaching and consulting clearly becoming a hot field to get into, with lots of potential, this section is taught by the man himself, David Sharpe.

Here he covers the art and science of coaching and how to position yourself strategically to charge more for your coaching business.

If you are willing to share your knowledge with others, you have what it takes to be a coach and you should be able to charge handsomely for your knowledge.

With millions of dollars spent in this industry by people looking to sift through the the insane amount of data and useless information, to find the exact solution to their problem with the help of an expert, the coaching business is a thriving online business to be a part of.

And the Coaching and consulting blueprint is the perfect Legendary Marketer blueprint that helps you take your expertise and turn it into a service-based business where you work on retainer or contract basis, getting into business for yourself and start generating revenue.

Legendary Marketer Coaching-Consulting-Business-Blueprint

An interesting thing about purchasing the Business Blueprint is that you also gain access to the Decade in a Day live workshop.  It’s a whole day virtual workshop with Matt and Dave where they walk you through their simple 5-step affiliate formula for setting up a profitable FB ads campaign.

With the Decade In A Day Live Workshop, Dave and Matt show you how to go and get immediate results with affiliate marketing, and people are getting their first sales within 48hrs on this workshop.

It takes place on a Friday, every other week and the DFY campaigns in Decade In A Day workshop contain the exact ads, images, and videos David and his team used to make sales with Facebook ads including the Clickfunnels bridge page plus the ad copy and emails he's personally used for these campaigns.

And at the end of the training, you get all the ad copy, images, and every necessary thing you need to run this same EXACT campaign yourself.  It’s a great way to get your first affiliate marketing sale, and lots of Blueprint members are testifying to getting results with it.

If you follow through with the Decade In A Day workshop there is a good chance that you're going to make your very first sales in this live workshop.

Live Events

Theses are the highest ticket offers that Legendary Marketer offers in its funnels. And these provide the life experiences we need as humans to interact and connect with people who are just like just.

Have you ever felt being different from the pack? Have you ever felt like, being a digital entrepreneur, your immediate family and people around you don't understand you, feel awkward about you, your routine, your time table, seeing you sitting behind a computer regularly doing something they can't relate? etc.

These live events allows you to connect with people who are just like you, share the same vision as you, understands what it is like to sit behind a desktop making a living online and being able to live life on our terms.

These live events gives you the rare opportunity to network with one another, build meaningful connection, and get to meet fellow SIX and SEVEN figure earners in-person and leverage these human connection to create absolute fulfillment.

If you are a part of the Marketer's Club, you will notice that some of the talks and videos from these masterminds are made available in the Marketer's Club.

How To Sign Up For Legendary Marketer

The best way to sign up for Legendary Marketer is to purchase any of its low ticket offers. Here, we are talking about buying the Copywriter's Playbook, the 15 Seconds Free Leads, the Insider Guide to Affiliate Marketing, or the 15 Days Business Builder Challenge.

These are the lower ticket Legendary Marketers offers that brings you into the Legendary ecosystem and introduces you to the amazing world of learning and opportunities Legendary has to offer.

And if you want to promote Legendary as an affiliate, you can go ahead to sign up to promote Legendary as an affiliate. They offer TWO type of affiliate accounts. The first is the basis account which is free, and the second is the pro affiliate account which cost $30 per month and offers you the most commission for promoting Legendary Marketer.

If you’re serious about promoting Legendary Marketer as an affiliate, you should consider signing up for the Pro Affiliate account.

I do recommend the pro account because, If you want to stick with the free plan, you might end up kicking yourself because someone upgraded to the blueprint bundle and you only earned $250 commissions instead of $1000 for its pro affiliate.

How Do You Promote Legendary Marketer

There are different ways you can promote Legendary Marketer and one such way is creating a Youtube Channel and video and it suites of product enducating your audience on the benefitof each of the products that Legendary has to offer.

Another way I look to promoting Legendary Marketer's product is Pinterest. Am currently looking a t Pinterest as a solid way to generate traffic to this blog and I intend to use Pinterest as an aveneu to promote the Legendary Marketer suits of products.

You can also start a blog in the affiliate and internet marketing niche and put out contents for your audience and promoting the Legendary Marketers products on your blog.

There are no shortage of ideas on how to promote Legendary Marketer as an affiliate. You can even promote it to your email list. You just have to be creative and devise a solid promotion strategy to rake in solid commissions promoting Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer Pricing

Legendary Marketer offers various products in its suite of online marketing education. Its products consist of both low-tickets, mid-tickets, and high-tickets product.

At the time of writing, Legendary Marketer price ranges from a mere $1 for a product like The Copywriter's Playbook up to $30,000 for its Legendary Leadership Group.

Certainly, there’s a whole lot of products you can choose from Legendary's online marketing education as your cost of Legendary depends on which products you end up purchasing.

 It’s therefore important to pick the Legendary products you believe your business will benefit the most from.

But the most cost-effective way to join the program is through its low-ticket products which are The Copywriter's Playbook, The 15 Seconds Freed Leads, or the Insider Guide to Affiliate Marketing, which cost $1, $1, and $2 respectively.

Joining through any of these Legendary's low ticket offers allows you to get access to its 15 Days Online Business Builder Challenge for free.

There are also a few instances where you can get a discount on the Legendary Marketer's product and one of those options is an upsell to get the Marketer’s Club as an annual payment for $149 for the whole year instead of its monthly Legendary Marketer's price of $30 per month.

Another instance of these Legendary Marketers Discount is during your 15 Days Business Builder Challenge where you also will be presented with an opportunity to purchase Legendary Marketers Blueprint bundle for a one-time fee of $2500.

For this Legendary Marketers Pricing of $2500 for the blueprints, you unlock ALL access to the Legendary Marketers Business Blueprint Bundle (i.e the affiliate marketing business blueprint, digital products business blueprint, events and masterminds business blueprint, and the coaching and consulting business blueprint)

Plus at this same price, you also unlock access to the Traffic University which normally sells for $1,497, SIX months free of the pro Affiliate account, and be automatically accepted into the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

Here's a quick summary of the Legendary Marketers Pricing

The Copywriter's Playbook
15 Seconds Free Leads
The Insider Guide to Affiliate Marketing
15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge
Legendary Marketer Book
Legendary Marketer’s Club
$30 per month
Traffic Rolodex
Affiliate Business Blueprint
Digital Products Business Blueprint
Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint
Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint
Marketer Mastermind
Entrepreneur Mastermind
DFY Brand Builder
DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle
Legendary Leadership Group
Legendary Pro Affiliate Account
$29.95 per month

Legendary Marketer Pro

  • No Affiliate Poaching: During the early days of Clickfunnels, some lazy affiliates exploited this loophole to their advantage but with the Legendary Marketer system, once comes into the Legendary ecosystem, they are your leads for life.
  • Multiple Stream of Income: While promoting the Legendary Marketer system, you also have the opportunity to earn from other affiliate tools and programs whenever your lead signs up to these tools like Clickfunnels, Aweber, etc down the line.
  • Super Responsive Support: Legendary customer care is very responsive and helpful whenever you need them. To reach out to them, you are only one email away.
  • Your Own Personal Business Coach: You have your own personal business coach to help and support you every step of the way as you move on to building your very own online business. This is super helpful and a great accountability buddy.
  • Easily Get On The Legendary Leaderboard: What I love about Legendary is that you can just concentrate on selling their low-cost front end offers and Legendary will upsell your leads automatically, making it easier for you to make really big money from the system and get on the leaderboard. They literally close the sales for you!
  • Earn Instantly With The Decade In A Day Workshop: This is a full day, live virtual training where Matt Heltzel teaches you how to use Facebook ads to promote affiliate products on ClickBank. The Blueprint FB group is filled with lots of members that are getting real results from this training alone.
  • Weekly Webinar Replays: The Marketer's Club is filled with weekly webinar replays so you can re-watch at your own convenience and also have access to previous webinar training prior to you joining the Legendary Marketer system.
  • Constant Update: Legendary Products are constantly being updated to meet the current needs of its students and affiliates alike. It's interesting when a company rolls out new and constant updates to remain relevant in the society.
  • Traffic Rolodex: Contains thorough and comprehensive strategies on paid traffic to get you instant and immediate results with paid traffic.
  • Awesome Community: The Legendary Marketer Facebook Group is filled with real and amazing people ever will to support you and see you grow, plus tons of free live training inside the group.
  • Great Video Quality: Super high-quality video training for all of its training. In fact. the video tutorials are cristal clear and crispy.
  • High Commission Affiliate Program. It offers high-ticket affiliate commissions for its affiliate program plus an amazing affiliate backend.
  • Actionable 15-Days Business Builder Challenge: The challenge consists of actionable steps from Day 1 of the challenge, through each day of the 15-days giving you an actionable step to take at the end of each challenge.

Legendary Marketer Cons

  • Not Everyone Can Join The Program: It's sad to discover that not everyone can actually join Legendary and here is a list of block countries.
  • Pay to Unlock Higher Affiliate Commissions: If you are a basic affiliate, you'll be limited to lower affiliate earnings. To unlock higher affiliate commissions, you need to pay monthly to earn the highest affiliate commission with the system.
  • The Live Events Are Quite Expensive: Yeah the prices are that high for the live events and mastermind, so quite a few people can only afford it.
  • No Guarantee to Get Into Its Affiliate Program: While its affiliate program is awesome and incredible, there is no guarantee to be accepted into its affiliate program.
  • Coaching Calls to Unlock More Days: During the 15 Days Business Builder Challenge, you have to put a call or schedule a call with your coach to unlock the next day's challenge.

Legendary Marketer Review FAQ

Is Legendary Marketer A MLM

Absolutely no. Legendary marketer has various digital marketing products that is super helpful to it's students and secondary, you are not required to buy these products in order to promote if you want to get into their affiliate program.

Again, their basic level affiliate program is absolutely free to join although, to get the most affiliate commissions from their program, you don't have to be a basic affiliate.

Is Legendary Marketer Legit?

Very legit.

Legendary Marketer is a very legit company with a legit product for its consumers. They offer online marketing eductation aimed at helping anyone start, grow and scale thair own online business.

As long as you are willing to commit to the training and execute what you learn during your training period, you have at your disposal, a legit company willing to help you build a legit business you can be proud of.

Most people aren't committed to taking action, as that is more reason they give a legit company like this, different labels thereby scaring others away from benefiting from the immense value in stock for them at becoming Legendary.

Is Legendary Marketer A Pyramid Scheme?

No. Legendary Marketer is not a pyramid scheme. Legendary Marketer has its own line of digital products and solutions for the online marketer and you are not required to refer anybody to Legendary Marketer to benefit from it suites of training.

No. You can't build a pyramid of affiliate referrals and their website is open and honest about their product, business and affiliate programs.

Is Legendary Marketer Free

The Legendary Marketer Affiliate program is free to join but to get higher affiliate commission from the system , you have to upgrade your account to become a pro affiliate so you can earn more commission from exactly the same effort.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work

First, you get to being a part of Legendary through any of the low-ticket products or the 15 Days Business Builder Challenge, from there, you have to set out 15 Days to go through, and complete the business challenge, thereby, laying the foundation fro your successful business.

From there on, you now have the opportunity to purchase additional training, go to events and masterminds, and be its affiliate promoting its products and earning commissions from them.

Legendary Marketer Review: Conclusion

Legendary Marketer might not be perfect but they give a damn about their people. About their livelihood, their mental health, their financial health, and their relational health.

I personally learned so much with Legendary Marketing. Trust me, I am not like those marketers who only joined for the sole purpose of promoting the said product.

They provide next-level pro training for anyone looking to start a profitable online business. Helping you get started on your path to building a successful business.

I went through (and still going through) all the training lessons available to further sharpen my digital marketing skills and also understand what Legendary is all about before convincing others into buying it.

The training and resources at Legendary Marketer will equip you with the fundamentals needed to form the foundation for a successful business. And from there on, its training will also help you build up the rest of the skills you need to take your online business to the next level.

The reason why I am saying this is, not only to tell you my intentions but also to let you know that I am willing to support you if ever you join Legendary Marketer with my link.

I will also be giving you my exclusive bonuses to help you get a fresh start with Legendary Marketer as well as your whole internet marketing journey.

All you need is to join through one of the low ticket front-end offers like the Legendary affiliate marketing ebook.

And for just $1.99 this gives you:

  • The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook so you can learn how you can finally make it right and make money with affiliate marketing.
  • The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge that takes you through step by step video tutorials teaching you David Sharpe’s complete “Affiliate Domination Formula”.
  • 1-1 Business Plan consultations with a Legendary business advisor to keep you accountable and taking action.
  • Affiliate Domination Ads, Email, Video, Phone Scripts, Email Templates, Video and Phone Scripts so you start promoting Legendary using proven, converting assets.

So are you still on the fence?

Sign up today, go through the 15-day Business Challenge, and apply to become an affiliate.  Once you are accepted you can start earning those sweet high-ticket affiliate commissions as a savage.

My Legendary Marketer Bonus

Having gone through my Legendary Marketer review, I've put together, the following Legendary Marketer bonus exclusively for you.

These bonuses will help you get the most out of your Legendary Marketer and set you apart from other folks as you begin your journey to starting, growing and scaling you own online business.

  • Bonus #1: Personal Lifetime Support (Priceless) - You can always contact me any time and ask any questions about Affiliate Marketing, Traffic, Leads & Sales.  I help all my affiliates by providing one on one support over email & FB Messenger and I will make sure you succeed with promoting Legendary Marketer as an affiliate.
  • Bonus #2: Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($497 Value) - When you join the Legendary Marketer™ through me, I'll add you to our private Facebook group community with everyone else so you will get a fully transparent look at how we're promoting Legendary Marketer and other high-ticket products
  • Bonus #3: Legendary Marketer Platinum Secrets Masterclass: Legendary Marketer is a fantastic program. What if I overdeliver? What if I equip you with even MORE to crush your online goals & start living the life YOU want faster & without the stress & anxiety of trying to figure it out alone? In this Masterclass, my friend and mentor, Jacob Caris, gives you everything you need to crush it with Legendary Marketer and other similar affiliate programs and makes you stand out among the pack.
  • Bonus #3: Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights – List of over 130+ affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring commissions ($297 value)
  • Bonus #4: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + White Label Rights – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now. ($197 value)
  • Bonus #5: Access to the Ultimate Legendary Marketer Follow-up System ($997 value) - How do you ensure that you're earning the maximum affiliate commissions from all your Legendary affiliates? following up with all your leads and members when they sign up under you. This system includes my entire Legendary email swipe file plus the automation I use to target each of your leads based on where they are in the Legendary value ladder.

To qualify for my Legendary Marketer bonuses just purchase ANY Legendary Product using my affiliate link.  This includes the Legendary ebook, Copywriter’s Playbook, or 15 Second Free Leads.

Remember to clear your browser cache before you proceed with any of your purchases. To do this, please read this easy tutorial that explains how to do it in your browser.

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