November 1, 2020

funnel scripts

Copywriting could be pretty darn hard! And in this funnel scripts review, we are going to look in great detail, a better platform that helps simplifies the process of producing better and high-converting copy, without the hard part!

Believe it or not, copywriting is the lifeblood of ALL marketing campaign.


Copywriting is the only way you can SPEAK your message to your target audience, and an effective copy is the only way you can speak the features and benefit of whatsoever you are selling to your buyers.

In fact, copy is everything.

Even this post you are reading right now is an element of a copywriting, and in this funnel scripts review, we are going to go into how funnels script can help write copy that converts.

Here’s a breakdown of what we are going to cover in this funnel script review;

But if you are ready to purchase Funnel Scripts, to start producing great copy then, you can go ahead and skip to the end of this review to get my Funnel Scripts Bonus.

funnel script review

Why Copy?

In fact, because you landed on this page and are interested in Clickfunnels funnel scripts review, I am going to convince you to pull out your wallet and go purchase funnel script to solve all your copywriting.

And I’m going to do that by the COPY you are reading right now on this page.

This is the same way you speak your message and benefits to convince others to do business with you.

Sales letters, product description pages, and even video scripts are all made of copywriting. And without a good copy, you are bound to NEVER be understood by people who need to grab and understand your marketing message.

YOUR COPY is the voice that speaks about your product to your audience, it’s benefits and features, and how it helps solve your customer’s pain point.

If your copy doesn’t speak what your audience can understand, you can never be understood and that is why most marketers struggle.

To write a good copy means torching your readers at a deeper emotional level where reading your copy is like having an inner dialogue with you towards solving their needs and problems.

And a lot of marketers struggle to reaching this level.

They struggle at reaching their customers and readers at a deep emotional level where the customer reaches out to his/her wallet to purchase whatsoever they are selling as the ONLY proven solution to their problem.

And in this post, am going to show you how to produce striking copies that struck the cord with funnel script.

Having a good copy is the single most important element that separates the ultra-successful marketers from the struggling amateur because these ones know how to effortlessly control people using the right set of words.

They know how to use the right set of words in their email copy, web copy, webpages, landing page, order pages, checkout pages, and everywhere they interact with their readers, to move the reader and get them to take the needed action required at every stage of their marketing campaign.

And now, you too can construct the right set of words for your marketing using the funnel scripts software.

When you have a great copy, (especially one written with the funnel script software), you separate your product from your competition, make more impact, build a solid relationship with your audience, and convert to sales, because every written word will be speaking directly to your readers and cause them to take the needed actions you intend them to take, which is usually about making a purchase from you.

But with that being said, writing copy (especially without a software like the funnel scripts) can be pretty darn hard.

Copywriting could be a boring and daunting task because this is not only about writing or arranging word.

Rather it is the careful selection, arranging, and re-arranging of words to compel your reader to take the desired action, leading to conversion.

It means crafting out content and pulling out words that align with the feelings of your audience so that through the content of your copy, you move them gradually from reader to paying customers.

Most marketers find it tough, daunting, and difficult coming up with these kinds of contents. And sometimes prefer to outsource this “all-important” task to a copywriter.

But not everyone can hire the service of a copywriter.

According to KopywritingKourse, to hire the service of an intern or junior copywriter will cost you around $10/hrs to $60/hrs to produce an average copy for your marketing needs.

And to get an experienced copywriter to help you with your sales copy needs is pretty darn expensive, and you do be paying through the roof for the service of a professional copywriter.

Because copywriting is darn important, and even Stephen Esketzis also confirms the benefits of a good copy.


At this stage, you are left with no other alternative than to learn copywriting yourself.

To learn the daunting process of creating copy that will resonate with your audience and convert these audience in the process.

And as a marketer, you already know that it is not just about writing copy for the sake of copy.

Because it doesn’t work that way.


You will need to learn how to write good and effective copy that engage with your audience, cut through the noise, and connects with them at a much deeper level,

While this is a skill worth learning, (if not, why are professional copywriters that expensive?), you will agree with me that as a marketer, with lots of things at hand, you don’t want to be stuck just learning this skill.


While it takes time to become an expert copywriter, you ALSO have other aspects of your business you also need to FOCUS and concentrate on.

As a marketer and an entrepreneur, there are other areas of running a successful business that requires your attention.

Because while a copywriter focus on only writing copy, an entrepreneur or a business owner focuses on every moving part of running his business.

From product design, to launching of products, tracking sales and order, and producing marketing campaigns to make sure that sure your business is an income producing asset.

You just can’t focus on copywriting alone.

You need a helping hand and assistance to writing great copy. Therefore, Let’s welcome Jim Edwards funnel scripts

In this review, am going to show you how using funnel script can help you produce great and income-producing copy for your landing pages, sales pages, email campaigns, and even your video and webinar scripts.

Again, in this review, am going to show you how the funnel scripts software can totally eliminate your need to hire expensive copywriters.

What Is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software that allows you to come up with compelling and custom tailored copy for your sales pages, webinar pages, video script, landing pages, and any other pages for your business and marketing need.

It’s a Clickfunnels script writing platform that allows you to come up with a highly engaging copy that allows you to convert your audience into taking the desired actions you require of them. Which is mostly to make a purchase.

With a script writing tool like the funnel scripts software, you can produce marketing copy that is tailored to your ideal audience and produce amazing copy that converts – even as a complete beginner!

You just have to input some information related to your product or service, and funnel scripts will generate YOUR copy (such as ad copy, sales letter, email scripts, webinar scripts, etc) by combining proven, pre-written sales material with these basic user inputs, such as the information about your product and, as well as defining the benefits of using it, and how you think your product or service can solve your audience problems.

FunnelScripts is a piece of software that allows you to create marketing messages that stand out, with a little amount of time and without the huge cost and expense of hiring a [costly] and experienced copywriter.

FunnelScripts literally allows you to replace your copywriter, while achieving the same (and even better result) of a professional copywriter.

With FunnelScripts, copywriting becomes incredible easy and fun!

All you have to do is, feed the software with your basic info, and in a matter of time, you have a copy that is ready to use. You don’t even need to know about copywriting because Funnel Scripts does everything for you.

Who Is Funnel Scripts Targeted Towards?

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting tool that is perfect for individuals and business owners who don’t want the spend time learning how to write great copy.

The busy entrepreneur who can’t afford to spend another time learning how to create contents for their sales and marketing pages,

And who don’t have the hundreds of dollars to invest on copywriting or the thousands of dollars required to hire a professional copywriter.

Funnel Scripts is your “in-house” professional copywriter.

Available 24/7

If you sell physical products online, like eCommerce, or involved in affiliate marketing or digital marketing, you definitely can’t underestimate the importance of copywriting.


If you are looking for a streamlined process to automate the process of producing great marketing copy for your business, and don’t want to delegate this task to some expensive copywriting agency, then funnel script was rightly meant for you.

Do You Really Need Funnel Scripts?

It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with good copy that connects at a deeper level and unless you are open to hiring a full-time copywriter, funnel scripts is worth it and will prove to be a useful alternative to producing these great content that connects with your audience.


If you are really interested in producing good copy that connects with your audience, in as little as ten (10) minutes, and causes them to take the needed and intended goal, you will definitely gain more value from using this tool than without it.

Favorite Features of Funnel Scripts

Create Good and Readable Copy

You will be surprised at the level of humanly readable content you get with the Clickfunnels Funnel Scripts Software.

While there are other copywriting software out there, none come close to the level of readability you get from a copy produced with this funnel scripts.

Also, copy content produced with this tool is so good you’d thought it was written by a professional copywriter.

It allows you to produce really good content and humanly readable content for your copy needs.

Downloadable Wizard Make YOU Produce Copy Offline

While you can always log in to your Funnel Scripts account to create copy content for your marketing, it also provides an offline version of the software for those who can’t be online every time.

The downloadable wizard contains hundreds of copy templates for various type of copy you intend for your need.

The funnel scripts wizard provides you with tons of reusable wizard that guides you through the process of coming up with any type of copy you want based on most of Russell’s popular training materials.

funnel scripts review

For every type of copy you want to generate, funnel ask you roughly about seven-two (72) different questions related to your product and service.

Even though you might feel it like a lot of questions, once you give the software all the information and data it needs, it in return, give you a super optimized copy specifically tailored to your product.

A funnel scripts trial will definitely convince you

Plus Some Hidden Bonuses

Funnel Scripts comes with some hidden bonuses to spice up your copywriting experience with this tool.

Who don’t like some funnel scripts bonuses.

As a bonus, there are three (3) extra bonus products inside of your funnel scripts dashboard right at the bottom of the navigation.

The first among these is a product called Inception Secrets which is a recording of one of Russell’s live training which shows you the art of selling anything to anyone and making your them believe it was their idea all along.

The second among these bonus products is the 5 Fast Shared Funnels which is basically a collection of pre-built funnels in different niches which you can import right inside your Clickfunnels account.

While the third bonus is an interactive PDF called the Funnel Blueprint which does a good job of categorizing all the scripts inside of funnel scripts into well organized section which makes for easy navigation.

What You Get Inside Funnel Script

In this section of our funnel scripts review, we are going to be going over what you get when you buy funnel scripts today.

There are about eleven categories of script writers inside of funnel scripts with over sixty (60) script hosted online based on their uses and in this review, we shall go over some of these scripts.

And you also get about six (6) downloadable wizards to help you with your copy writing offline.

Some of the scripts you get are:

  • Sales Copy & Video Scripts
  • Case studies and Testimonial Scripts
  • Sales Letter Scripts
  • Advertising Scripts
  • Bullet Scripts
  • Content Creation Scripts
  • Tittle and Headline Scripts
  • Email Scripts
  • DotCom Scripts
  • Expert Secrets Scripts
  • OFA Scripts

And some of the downloadable wizard scripts that comes with the funnel scripts software includes:

  • Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Star Story Solution Wizard
  • Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard
  • Easy VSL Wizard
  • Easy Survey Wizard
  • MasterClass Wizard

Funnel Scripts also come with tons of premium high-end products that are given to you as bonus contents, short video training containing each and every script plus monthly live training, and coaching showing you the best ways possible to use this killer headline and automatic script writing software.

Now, we’ll be going through some of the features and benefits of some of these scripts and wizards in this section below.

Sales Copy & Video Scripts

The sales copy and video script helps you create copy for every moving part of your sales page. And in this category, you will find script writers like the;

  • Order Bump Scripts to create copy for your order bumps at the end of your checkout.
  • One Time Offer (OTO) Script to create copy for your one time offers and increase the total cart value of each customer.
  • Special Offer Scripts to help you create copy that prime your audience and help announce your special offers.
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts to help you come up with copy content to get people to sign up for your webinars, Facebook live or online events.

Case studies & Testimonial Scripts

Funnels Script case studies

To help you come up with case studies and testimonial. And in this category, you can find templates like the;

  • Case Studies Script to come up with amazing case studies with customized question to build trust and increase your presence and credibility online
  • Million Dollar Testimonial Script to create testimonials that helps drive sales to your funnel.

Sales Letter Scripts

funnel script sales letter

The sales letter script provides you with templates that can be used to write sales letters and video sales letters, and under this category, you find templates like the;

  • Long Form Sales Letter Script for writing long form sales letters in a quick and painless process.
  • Short Form Sales Letter Script for writing short form sales letters that straight and direct to the point
  • PPT Video Sales Letter Scripts for creating your PowerPoint script for your sales letter.

Advertising Scripts

funnel script advertising

This gives you incredible and specific templates you can use specifically for paid advertising. And in this category, you find script writers like the;

  • PPC Ad Script to be used for your pay-per-click advertising
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Script for copy that is perfectly suited for Facebook ads
  • Curiosity Ad Copy Script to create curious driven ads that are guaranteed to drive clicks and flood of traffic to your offer

Bullet Scripts

funnel scripts bullet script

This includes bullet script templates for writing bullets for sales pages, landing page, and email copy.

Here you will find templates like the;

  • Brunson Bullet Script to help you model Russell just the way he writes bullets for his sales, webinar and optin funnels.
  • FBM Bullet Script following the format of what it is, what it does, and what it means to them. And you can use this bullet format for any type of product.

Content Creation Scripts

Funnel scripts content creatiom

The content creation scripts help you create core content pages of your marketing material, and in this section you get script writer like the;

  • About Me Script to help come up with content copy for the “About Me” section of your website.
  • Decision Tree Scripts that allows you create reasonable questions that helps you guide your audience in the right direction and helps you understand them better.
  • Free Report Script to help you come up with copy contents for your free reports, such as your cover letter, ad copy and lots more.

Title and Headline Scripts

funnel scripts review headline

This allows you to come up with templates which allows you to create headlines for blog post and email subject lines for your emails.

Here, you will come across templates like the;

  • Dirty Little Secrets Scripts to create subject lines, headlines and titles that start with phrases like… “My dirty little secrets…”
  • Email Subject Line Scripts with over 200+ subject line ideas at your disposal.
  • Killer Headlines to produce killer headlines for blog post and contents.
  • Million Dollar Sales Headline Scripts with over 135 amazing headline you can use to crush your competition, driving sales even in competitive market.
  • Million Dollar Content Headline Scripts with over 50+ impressive headlines for blog post and video contents
  • Short Headline Scripts for headlines that can be used in your Facebook Ads, News Feeds, twitter headlines and other place where shorter amount of texts are required.
  • Timeless Classic Headline Scripts for a little taste of timeless classics, and attention grabbing headline, like in the days of the old.

Email Scripts

funnel scripts email

These scripts help you create copy for your email marketing and in this section you find templates such as the;

  • Auto Follow-Up Scripts your follow up email sequence to load into your autoresponder to follow up with your subscribers.
  • Onboarding Email Sequence that allows you to familiarize yourself to your subscribers, getting them to know you and get familiar from receiving emails from you. Here, you can create up to eleven (11) email onboarding sequences for your subscribers.

DotCom Scripts

Funnel script dotcom secret

The DotCom Secret script writer is based off on Russell DotCom Secrets book which talks about the fundamentals of online marketing, basic introduction to sales funnels and how to lead a customer through a series of action by creating your true customer avatar.

This category contains fundamental scripts templates like the;

  • Amazon & E-commerce Scripts which allows you to come up with basic template for selling any type of physical or Amazon-kind of products. It helps you create your bullet points, product descriptions and tittle for these kind of products.
  • Call To Action (CTA) Scripts helps you create custom call to actions for your images, text and buttons for your funnels
  • Lead Capture Scripts helps you with template and scripts to create your squeeze pages for your free ebooks, reports and other free offerings to help you grow your email list.

Expert Secrets Scripts

funnel script expert secrets

This scripts writer is also based off on Russell Brunson’s most popular Expert Secret book which talks about building and positioning yourself as an expert in your chosen field, and get others to people to pay you for your knowledge.

In this category, you find scripts like the;

  • Curiosity Hook Scripts which allows you to build curiosity as you launch new products into the marketplace.
  • Ask Campaign Scripts which creates the copy you paste into your survey page allowing you to ask your clients what they want to learn in your MasterClass.
  • Epiphany Bridge Scripts which allows you to create your personal story allow your audience to connect and resonate with your and your background story.

OFA Scripts

The OFA Scripts are based on Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge training which is one of his most thorough and beginner’s friendly training and coaching program on funnel building.

These scripts contains writers like the:

  • Niche and Offer Scripts which allows you to research your niche and brainstorm your offer.
  • Question Hook Scripts to generate questions you can as well use as hooks for your funnels.
  • Optin Hook Story Scripts to come up with your hook stories and offer including your call-to-action to get people to optin to your funnel
  • Offer Stack Scripts which guide you through the process of creating amazing offer descriptions for each of your offer stack.

Let’s go through some of the downloadable wizards and what you get with each wizard inside of the funnel script.

The Perfect Webinar Wizard

Funnel Scripts perfect webinar review

The Perfect Webinar Scripts allows you to uses Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar formula which have generate over 100 Million Dollars to create the perfect webinar for your product offerings.

The Perfect Webinar Wizard scripts will help you to write you webinar scripts, promotional emails for the webinar, your follow-up emails, your ad copy for the webinar, and a whole lot more.

This is the perfect solution for anyone who sell his products and offering through webinar.

The Star Story Solution Wizard

The Star Story Wizard allows you to come up with persuasive and heart touching stories that allows your audience to relate and connect with you and your story.

It allows you to tell the ultimate story in a striking compelling way that carries your audience along as you tell your story.

It takes about THIRTY (30) minutes to fill out the Star Story template and after that, you will have a compelling story to tell your audience at a much deeper emotional level, toward making a sale.

The Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard

The podcast wizard allows you to create your interview scripts and it is as easy as answering about 16 different questions for our interview.

It also help you produce some custom promotional contents for your interview, and this is always helpful if you want to conduct an interview in your marketing.

The Easy VSL Wizard

The VSL Wizard allows you to come up with your video sales letter scripts for your product or service.

After filling the VSL Wizard form, it comes out with the two video sales letter script based on the two proven type of sales copy known as;

  • The “Problem, Agitate, Solve” Scripts
  • The “Great Big Promise” Scripts

You can then turn these into slides for your presentations.

The Easy Survey Wizard

Wants to create survey funnel to grab key information from your audience? The Easy Survey Script ask thirteen (13) different questions about your products and service.

Based on your answers, the software also suggests a list of additional questions for you in case the ones the script suggests don’t apply to your audience.

This allows you to create the perfect survey funnel.

The MasterClass Wizard

This uses the MasterClass concept in Expert Secrets to establish you as an expert in your field.

And this wizard allows you to put a MasterClass and build out your promotional content for your MasterClass.

What You Can Create With Funnels Scripts

These are various kind of copy and scripts you can create with the funnel scripts software. They include:

  1. Ad Copies
  2. Sales Copies
  3. CTA Copies
  4. Email Scripts
  5. Headlines
  6. Video Sales Letter Scripts
  7. Email Subject Lines
  8. Product Description
  9. Lead Capture Scripts
  10. Webinar Optin
  11. And so much MORE

Pros and Cons of Funnel Script

Pros of Funnel Script

  • Very easy to use
  • Huge time saver – Anyone can produce copy in under ten (10) minutes
  • It replaces the need for a copywriter
  • Beginners friendly, (even an amateur can use it)
  • Create copy that converts
  • Huge varieties of editable scriptwriters
  • Works for all niches and industries
  • Export any script as a text, DOCx, or PPCx file.
  • You’ve got the opportunity to request any script if they are not available in your account.
  • Tons of training and resource inside your funnel scripts account

Con of the Funnel Script

  • Can be relatively expensive for small business. (Well, it’s a one time off payment)
  • Some scripts might need you to proofread them
  • Few of these scripts are a little thin.
  • The content generated by the funnel script software is not unique. (Again, you can narrow it down to define your products and services.

Funnel Script Pricing

How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost

For a one-time payment of $797, you get unlimited access to funnel scripts, plus the ability to create unlimited scripts, unlimited updates, and a guarantee of no future payment ever!

This allows you to get all the features and blueprints of the funnel scripts software, for the rest of your life!

Funnel scripts used to be a yearly subscription product which cost $497 to gain access to the tool for a year.


Recently, you can now get funnel scripts for a one-time payment of $797 only, making it much more affordable and accessible to anyone who is serious about taking his/her copywriting game to the next level.

While some might consider this a bit expensive, with the lifetime price of only $797, you get more out of this Jim Edward’s funnel scripts software over time as you produce more converting copy thereby closing more sales and growing your business overall.

If you occasionally create your copy you might think to buy funnel scripts is that expensive but if you regularly create copy for your marketing materials such as your sales page copy, landing page copy, email copy, webinar scripts and you regularly create and uses these types of content for your business, you will find funnel scripts useful over time, and relatively inexpensive.

To get a decent copywriter costs more than this, and to get the service of a professional copywriter to write a JUST single copy cost over a thousand dollar, and tens of thousands for the high-end copywriter.

But with a one-time payment of $797, you are able to totally replace the service of a copywriter at a tiny fraction of the price while producing the same high converting copy.

funnel scripts pricing

Funnel Scripts Discount

One the other hand, if you are looking for a funnel scripts discount, the Funnel Builders Secrets happens to be the secret backdoor to getting FunnelScripts for free.

The Funnel Builders Secrets gives you six (6) and twelve (12) of the Clickfunnels account respectively, plus a twelve (12) month access to funnels scripts for FREE plus other premium product included in your purchase of the Funnel Builder Secrets.

funnels scripts review


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Funnel Scripts Unlimited

When you buy funnel scripts today, you have an unlimited access and usage to funnel scripts to produce an unlimited number of any type of copy for your business.


Yes, funnel scripts is truly unlimited.

How to get Funnel Scripts For Free

The only way to get funnel scripts for free is to go the Funnel Builder Secret plan option where you get up to six (6) and twelve (12) of the Clickfunnels account respectively, plus a twelve (12) month access to funnels script for FREE and others.

Click here to check out the Funnel Builder Secrets

Is There A Funnel Scripts Trial?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial to the funnel scripts software.

But be rest assure that you are cover with a 30-day money back guarantee should you feel the software isn’t meant for you.

Is There Any Funnel Scripts Webinar?

You can check out the Funnel Scripts Webinar here, which shows the how the tool works and some of the funnel scrips demo.

Is Funnel Scripts Worth It?

Depending on the way you use it, it is absolutely worth it.

While others might find is expensive, if you produce tons of copy and marketing contents for your campaigns, you will find out that funnel scripts is worth it.

Because it allows you to produce copy that actually resonate with your customers

Am Ready, Where Is the Funnel Scripts Checkout Page?

Click here to order funnel scripts today, and get ALL my funnel scripts bonus today.

Funnels Script Review – Final Conclusion

Funnel scripts is one of those few tools that provide an important service to business owners and in this funnel script review.

I hope you were able to see how this can help you produce copy contents that get understood by your audience.

Though not the first of its kind, in this funnel scripts review, you can see how this allow for great flexibility and control, and give you the privilege to come up with a copy that helps you build trust and credibility among your audience.

Unless you love spending money on expensive copywriting service, and if you do love to spend on these kind of stuffs, then funnel scripts wasn’t for you.

If you do prefer to learn the basics of copywriting from scratch or prefer to produce copy without aid, then you probably won’t be needing this Clickfunnel funnel scripts software.

But as you’ve seen in this funnel scripts review, if you want to product copy that makes your voice heard, then you would greatly benefit from this software.

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

funnels scripts bonus

Now that you’ve seen through the funnel scripts review, and sell how it can help you produce high converting copy for your business.

After this review here are my list of funnel scripts bonuses I’m offering you to help you make more and succeed with your business today.

#1. Funnel Builder Mastery Collection

Bonus #1 – Lead Funnels Mastery Course: 4+hrs lead funnel building course & pre-built share templates (Plus Extra!)

Bonus #2 – Affiliate Launch Mastery Course: How to leverage affiliate product launches (In less than 24 hours) and tap into free traffic.

Bonus #3 – CF Pro Mastery Course: Learn how to setup all different types of funnels and become a Clickfunnels expert even if you have zero experience!

Including tech, funnel strategies and MORE!

Bonus #4 – OFA Bonus Mastery Course:

  • Video Recap and Slides
  • Templates & Systems
  • Advance Sales Training
  • Mentor Masterclasses
  • Other assets & goodies I’ve built from previous offers
  • And other bonuses

#2. My Private Template Database

Bonus #5 – CF Shared Funnel 3000 Vault: Don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it! Get unlimited access to all my Personal Shared Funnel Templates…

Bonus #6 – Premium Affiliate Templates: Also get a load of awesome affiliate “bridge pages” engineered for getting instant commissions!

Bonus #7 – 2CCX System Boards: These trello boards will make building your funnels and getting tasks done infinitely faster so you can save time and make money.

Bonus #8 – Offer Creation Vault: Use proven frameworks and templates to design your sales message and create a truly irresistible offer…

Bonus #9 – Personal Brand Toolkit: Increase authority and maximize the amount of quality traffic you receive with this tool.

Bonus #10 – Content Creation Planner: Map out 12 months worth of content in less than 30 minutes…

Bonus #11 – Custom Follow Up Email Swipes: Increase conversion on autopilot with this.

#3. Exclusive PDF Library

Bonus #12 – FB Comment Stack Swipe File: Get the best performing Facebook post from over 30+ entrepreneurs to model.

Bonus #13 – Solo Ads Secrets Blackbook: Bring in high quality and targeted solo ads traffic that works for your business with my Rolodex of tested and handpicked vendors

Bonus #14 – CF Share Funnel Library: Receive 46 different share funnels including several million dollar funnels as part of this library.

Bonus #15 – ClickMagick Link Tracking Guide: Learn how to manage and optimize your links for conversion.

Bonus #16 – Funnel Accelerator Checklist: This checklist is designed to make or break your funnel so you can rest assured it sells when it is time to launch – with the exact formulas that cause success.

Bonus #17 – Million Dollar Ads Swipefile: Take a look at the Facebook of 40 top internet entrepreneurs.

Bonus #18 – Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs: Currently containing 130+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs.

Bonus #19 – Expert Facebook Ads Strategy Guide: I think this speaks for itself…

Plus… Additional (secret) templates, tools, training and MORE!

So, now that you’ve gone through this review, these bonuses are going to give you an UNFAIR Advantage with your funnel scripts purchase today to help you grow, scale and skyrocket your business thereby saving you a great deal of time, stress and money in figuring out how to produce copy for your business.

Not only are you getting these unfair advantage to:

  • Use funnel to grow your business
  • Create offers that convert like CRAZY with proven framework and templates
  • Design a marketing message that separates you from the rest of your competitors
  • Position Yourself as an expert to attract free qualified leads even if you are a NOBODY right now

These will also help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur, digital marketer and a business owner.


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    • Thank you Mark for your nice words. Funnel Script is really awesome and I hope you found this review useful.

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