November 26, 2020

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It's that time of the year where we, as bloggers and marketers, make a HUGE spend and savings at the same time on various best black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for marketers and bloggers for 2020.

In fact, talking about Black Friday, it is one of the biggest sales day of the year for retailers as our wallets are wide open as consumers as more than 30% of all retail sales of the year takes place between these two great sales event - Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I love Black Friday deals so much because this is a time where you can get your hands on some GREAT discount on marketing tools and products you will actually use.

In fact, I purposely leave some of my own purchases for a time like this so I also can gain access to marketing tools at premium discount. Tools I would use anyway.

With so many offers and deals taking place on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, as a marketer and a blogger, some of these deals are not something you should spend your money on.

But on the other hand, some deals are an excellent bargain. Valuable deals that should not be missed at all cost.

These are deals that are definitely worth mentioning. Especially when it comes to marketing tools and services we actually use ourselves to run our business.

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Therefore, this is going to be a collection of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Marketers and Bloggers in 2020.

This list is for anyone building a website, marketing their business, or creating an online business. There's something for everyone in this Ultimate list of Blogger software & plugin deals, Cyber Monday marketing discounts, and Black Friday SEO deals.

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For [2020]

ActiveCampaign Black Friday Deal 2020 - [50% first 2 months of the Plus plan]


ActiveCampaign is one of the best email marketing platform out there for any business largely because of its high deliverability rate.

Talking about email deliverability, this ensures that your emails are constantly going straight to the inbox of your subscribers whenever you send out a broadcast.

And when it comes to marketing automations, these guys are clearly genius. No other email marketing service comes close to them when it come to marketing automation capabilities.

With its smart features and functionality, ActiveCampaign has won the heart of many marketers and will definitely satisfy even the most demanding users of all.

This is why, here at UPNEXUS, ActiveCampaign is one of our favorite email marketing software and the one we recommend to most users.

This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, ActiveCampaign is offering a sweet deal on their PLUS PLAN giving you 50% off your first 2 months when signing up for a new ActiveCampaign Plus Plan or above.

And the PLUS PLAN includes access to Contact scoring which allows you to better segment your list for effective marketing.

Link Whisper Deal - [25% off ALL plans]


Interlinking or internal link building is one of the most coveted and underused SEO strategy today.

With just a handful of backlinks and a well structured and effective internal linking strategy, you can smartly outrank your competition and earn more love in the eye of Google and other top search engines out there.

Internal linking gives you a massive boost to your SEO and give you top rankings as Google crawls and locate related posts and pages as they crawl your link.

And today, Link Whisper takes the hard work out of this time-consuming task by making smart and intelligent suggestions that are very easy to manage.

Link Whisper is a new product by Spencer Haws, the guy who started the Niche Pursuits blog, and this tool shows you contextual link opportunities directly inside of your WordPress admin area.

Link Whisper makes automatic link suggestions and "smart anchor texts" to help improve your website internal linking structures as you write.

It uses its smart AI to automatically suggest relevant internal linking opportunities when you write right within the WordPress editor and this is a huge time-saver.

Interestingly, Link Whisper IS indeed joining in on the "festivities" of black Friday and cyber Monday by offering a discount.

With this Link Whisper discount code BlackFriday you gain a discount of $25 off all its plans and this deal will run from Friday Nov. 27th until Wednesday at 11:59pm PST Dec. 2nd.

If SEO is a thing to you as a blogger or marketer, make sure you don't miss on this Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal.

Bluehost Hosting Black Friday Deal 2020 (UP TO 60% OFF)


Bluehost is the most popular web hosting service for beginners and one I recommend for starters.

These guys were my very first hosting service provider when I came online back in 2015 and I still have a couple of site hosted on them of which I'm super satisfied with their services.

If hosting on a server that offers a blazing fast and secure hosting with no downtime, and an excellent customer support service is something that intrigues you, BlueHost is definitely your reliable companion.

As a reliable web hosting platform, BlueHost offer everything your website needs from start-up to success with guaranteed reliability, automated security updates, backup data protection and 24/7 support.

Offering free migration, free multi-website management, 60% off selected website plans, 40% off selected online store plans, and 30% off selected domains this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In fact, this is the right time to start you website for as low as $2.65/month this Black Friday, and these discounts runs from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Nov. 16th 9:00AM EST till Nov. 30th 2020. 11:59 EST

Click the button below to get YOUR exclusive Bluehost Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount today.

GetResponse Black Friday Deal 2020 - [40% Discount]


This year Black Friday/Cyber Monday, GetResponse is offering a sweet deal of up to 40% OFF any of its plans. This is like getting up to 9 free months.

That's why I love BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY DEALS a lot. Because this is a time where we make a huge savings shopping for tools we use in our business.

This GetResponse Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount starts on Tuesday, Nov. 24th and runs through Monday, Nov. 30th. And this promotion include an additional 15% off annual and two-year discounts, for up to 40% off for life!

With the GetResponse holiday discount, there will only be 2,020 accounts offered this Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Therefore, if GetResponse is your thing, be sure to snag an account before the limit is reached.

Though we stand behind ActiveCampaign, we are also strongly behind GetResponse as they are an all-in-one online marketing platform that you can easily use to grow your new or existing business, offering varieties of tools that can help anyone grow their business online.

Besides, there are many fans of GetResponse who like it because it’s affiliate friendly, has good automation support at a reasonable cost. Click the button below to secure your GetResponse Black Friday Deal because once the limit is reached, prices will return to its standard rates.

Thinkific Black Friday Deals 2020


For course creators and online educators, here's an awesome black Friday deal for you.

If you are still looking for a solid course platform for your business, Thinkific is the answer this Black Friday/Cyber Monday season.

Online courses are beginning to gain more traction these days. Now is not only the best time to learn new thing but also a very good time to go out there and share your knowledge and expertise to an ever growing online audience.

Thinkific is your best companion in the online education space and a pretty darn option for course creators especially in a season like this when the company is offering a huge discount.

Sell your courses, deliver educational material to clients or visitors, and create a community around your skills and knowledge with Thinkific. The company has been around since 2012 so you can be rest assured that your course material is in safe hands.

Whether your goal is to educate your customers, sell your courses to earn revenue or to simply grow your brand and effectively engage your audience, Thinkific makes it possible.

On this Thinkific Sale on Black Friday 2020 you can save up to $198 on their pricing plans. and this Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can employ Thinkific to grow your brand and engage with your audience.

Here's what you get with the Thinkific Black Friday Deal:


Jump start your course creation journey with all the training to help you succeed.

Make 2021 your year to build a thriving online course business as Thinkific becomes the only course platform you’ll ever need to easily create, market, and sell online courses on your custom-branded site.

Tailwind For Pinterest & Instagram Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) Deals & Discount 2020


Are you ready for a year of the best Pinterest marketing you've EVER Done?

Tailwind is by a long shot the best Pinterest scheduling tool and one of the very few tool proudly endorsed by Pinterest.

Aside from Google as a major search engine, Pinterest is a very under-utilized search engine platform that can send you hordes of free targeted traffic when properly utilized.

Pinterest is the second largest referrer of social media traffic after Facebook and this image discovery network is for some niches, a huge source of organic traffic. And in some cases, it beats Google by a mile.

In fact, thousands of potential readers and buyers are waiting to be served with content and deals to buy. And with tailwind, you can schedule tons of pins which are set to go live when they will have their maximum reach.

With Tailwind, you can schedule and reschedule your pins to go out on all your boards, group boards and Tailwind tribes boards at intervals or all at once. Create loops of the best pins to save yourself hours of work.

Tailwind has mastered the Instagram game too hence, their "Tailwind for Instagram" product. And it also has an analytics support to help you see your social media referral traffic as well.

This Black Friday, Tailwind is giving you a huge and an unbelievable 50% discount off the entire annual Tailwind for Pinterest Plus Plan — with the all-new life-changing design tool — Tailwind Create, handy browser extension, Smart Schedule, Communities, Board lists (with preset posting intervals!), and MORE!

To avail you of this Black Friday discount, Start using your free trial before November 27th. And you’ll get 50% off its annual Plus Plan when the Black Friday promotion roles in.

Yeah! that's half-price.

Join the 500,000+ bloggers, marketers, ecommerce sellers & agencies who trust Tailwind to streamline their Pinterest marketing.

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