October 7, 2020

Link tracking is perhaps the single most important task that shows YOU whether you are turning your advertising dollars into profit OR just wasting your budget while trying to market your products and services online.

Link tracking is what separates the seasonal and experienced marketers from the amateur! It’s what separates the men from the boys in the world of online marketing.

While the former is raking in profits, the amateur continues to struggle to market his products and service without proper link tracking.

Especially when most money is spent on PPC advertising like Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and solo ads.

If you can turn these dollars to remarkable profit on these platforms, you can outlast your competition because when it comes to these media, link tracking is king!

While the amateur doesn’t bother to track their links, professional marketers never send web traffic directly to their website or landing page.

Rather, they use a reliable link tracking software and create those “tracking links” to help measure the success of their marketing, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing.

In this post, we will dive into the best link tracker for every type of online marketing and help you decide which is the right fit for you.


Let’s begin with a simple question

What is Link Tracking?

Link tracking is the science of you as a marketer to track the total amount of clicks you obtain to a particular link on your website or social media post but mostly, to your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

In online marketing,

link tracking is a very useful way to track if people are actually clicking on your campaigns and not bot click as this is helpful to make sure you are getting correct results and analytics for your marketing.

Proper link tracking helps you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and allows you to improve on your overall strategy to gain more clicks and targeted traffic to your link.

You want to make sure that you track the clicks coming to your links with a good and reliable click tracking software so you know you are getting the result you need from your advertising spends

Without using these link trackers, you might be at the risk of getting bot traffic to your links as a good link tracking software can discover these kinds of traffic to your link.

How Does Link Tracking Work?

When you set up a campaign in any advertising platform of your choice, proper link tracking should be able to show you real and actionable data on how people are clicking on your campaigns.

It will show you the contact details of people who clicked on your link, the exact link that was clicked and the total number of times each link is being clicked.

And only reliable link tracking software can give you this information.

This will help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign and show you which source of traffic is giving you the bulk of quality clicks to your link.

Link tracking creates a unique “trackable” link that replaces your main URL and if a visitor clicks on this “track link” a good URL tracking software will decode all the details regarding the click.

This will allow you to make an informed decision in your marketing campaigns.

How to Create a Tracking Link

Each link tracking software has its own way of creating a tracking link but the process is quite the same for most of the best link tracking software.

To create a tracking link, you get your main URL, the URL link you want to send these clicks to, and you input it into the link tracking software. The software goes ahead and gives you a unique link from their system you can send your traffic to.

This unique link been given to you as your main link encoded inside of it plus some tracking data that will allow the software monitor how the links are being clicked and how they are performing in your campaign.

The tracking link contains useful data that will help the software monitor your link and send you useful data which will help you gauge your results and the effectiveness of your marketing.

What Is a Trackable URL?

A trackable URL is simply the link given to you by the link tracking software that replaces your “naked” link. It’s just like a normal URL with “tags” appended at the end of the URL.

Link tracker example

This link tracker contains useful information that shows you the detail of the particular link,

information like where the visitor is coming from, the type of content that was clicked, the campaign from which the click came from and other information you need to know.


Now that we have gone through the basics of link tracking, showing you what it is, how it works and how to create a tracking link plus what a trackable URL is…

Let’s look at the list of top link tracker that will help you to effectively track your links and get a great result, starting from our top recommendation.

Specifically, Let’s take a look at the SEVEN (7) Best Link Tracker, Tools & Software For Serious Online Marketers, and therefore, here is a list of my best link tracker you can use for your marketing campaigns.

1. ClickMagick

ClickMagick Link tracker

Clickmagick is a very reliable link tracking software.

A web-based tracking software that makes your data easily accessible to you regardless of location and device.

This is the best and my most recommended link tracking tool of choice.

ClickMagick is a web-based link tracking software that allows you to track and optimize your website, sales funnels and advertising campaign with robust features that shows you the conversion rate of your ongoing advertising campaigns.

For beginners and advanced marketers alike, this is one of the top link trackers that is guaranteed to make every click more profitable.

One interesting feature of ClickMagick is that it assigns a unique Traffic Quality Score to all your tracking links so you know the kind of traffic you are getting to your links.

It also notifies you when the system suspects some low and suspicious click to your link.

From tracking website links to unique features like full-fledged link rotators, magickbars, magickpop, content lock for email list, plus a fantastic support team, it’s one of the best link trackers for internet and affiliate marketers!

This link tracking software can also be used to track links on most advertising networks like:

  • YouTube Ad Network
  • Facebook Ad Network
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Solo Ads

You can track every step in your entire marketing sales funnel on these platforms and measure sales and conversion rate of clicks coming to your link.

==> Click Here to Try ClickMagick <==

Features Of ClickMagick

Here are some of the feature of the ClickMagick link tracking software

Traffic Quality Score

This feature assigns a quality score to all your tracking link so that you can see the exact quality of traffic you are getting to your links.

When the quality score is high enough, it’s a good indication that the traffic is good and reliable but a low/poor quality scare is an indication that you are getting bot or bad click to your links.

Talk about suspicious clicks.

The Traffic Quality Score measures the statistics of each click and comes up with a robust traffic grading system to help you gauge the quality of traffic coming to your link.

Automatic Bot Traffic Filtering

Bot traffic can be very damaging to your business because when a vendor sends bot traffic to your link, it gives you the impression that you are getting legit clicks but on the other hand, you are actually getting fake click to your link.

But the ClickMagick link tracker allows you to automatically filter out the fake clicks and make sure you are getting on the good click to your link,

With this feature, you won’t be spending money on fake clicks as ClickMagick automatically filter out these bot clicks and gives you accurate stats, unlike other link tracker software.

A/B Split Testing

The A/B Split test of the ClickMagick link tracker also comes with a winner email alert, a feature you won’t find in most link tracker service.

You can choose between 1-99% for a specific link (or more than two links at the same time) and ClickMagick link tracking software will notify you via email alert a winner!

The ClickMagick PopUp

ClickMagick offers 5 different kinds of pop-ups, and this allows you to use different variations of pop-ups for your marketing campaigns.

Not only that, with the ClickMagick pop-up feature, you can add these pop-ups on ANY site.

You don’t even need to own these websites neither do you need the permission of the person who does.

You don’t even have to ask.

These pop-ups allow you to collect leads, promote related offers, offer bonuses for your products and even share video reviews, plus, a countdown timer.

All these allow you to monetize your traffic and allow you to convert them to leads for your business.

Advanced Retargeting

The advanced re-targeting feature of the ClickMagick link tracker allows you to add retargeting pixels (from any retargeting network) to ANY of your links.

This will help you increase exposure to your offers and astronomically boost sales by following your visitors’ ALL OVER THE WEB.

Other notable feature of the ClickMagick link tracker includes:

  • Link Cloaking
  • 24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring
  • Custom Tracking Domains (Unlimited)
  • Advanced Geo-targeting and Mobile Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators
  • Advanced Postback URL Tracking
  • Organic Traffic Tracking
  • Tutorial & Training Library
  • Amazing Support Team

ClickMagick is more than just a link tracking software, it’s the best link tracker of choice for most marketers with a robust system and a helpful guide to help you get the best out of your campaigns.

Their tracking guide is a very useful guide to click tracking and conversion optimization for affiliate marketers, small online business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

You will find it very useful!

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick offers three (3) pricing options to start using its service.

The platform is not only considerably cheap compared to other link tracking software, but it also allows you to do more than you can do with other tracking software.

The starter plan starts from $27/month, and $67/month for the Standard plan while the PRO is only $97/month.

ClickMagick Link Tracking Software

You have the opportunity to save up to 25% with the yearly plan and there is an Expert Academy containing few marketing courses at the Standard and PRO level.

==> Click Here to Try ClickMagick <==

2. Voluum

link tracking software

My next best link tracker of choice is Voluum

Voluum is an advanced AI web-based click tracker software that provides a performance tracking solution for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and marketing agencies.

But it’s dashboard could be quite intimidating for beginner marketer.

That’s why it’s on my list as #2.

Voluum is reserved for the intermediate or advanced marketer as there is some learning curve to using this software (unless you know what you are doing).

But overall, Voluum is designed to allow performance marketers to track the progress and profitability of their ad campaign.

Voluum is one of the best affiliate software for affiliate marketers but the drawback is the fact that it can be quite intimidating for most beginners.

But once you master it, you will find out that it is one of the few best link tracking software out there.

This link tracker allows you to track all of your advertising campaigns, analyze data for actionable performance increase, and optimize your ad performance.

Voluum allow you to scale your advertising campaigns with unlimited accuracy.

Features Of Voluum

Here are the key features of Voluum that makes it stand out as a best link tracker.

Anti-Fraud Kit

Invalid traffic is a growing concern in the advertising industry.

It generates no income for offer owner but yet it skews visit statistics, damages your reputation with an affiliate network platform and may result in real costs.

But with Voluum link tracker, you can now stop wasting money on bot traffic and maintain good relationships with offer owners.

Identify invalid clicks today and protect yourself against ad fraud.

Traffic Distribution AI

Optimization of campaign funnels is always a challenge in advertising marketing.

Monitoring campaigns and adapting them to changing environments is time-consuming and quite often full of drudgery when doing it on a daily basis.

This is where Voluum AI comes into play.

The Traffic Distribution AI feature automatically adjusts weights of paths, landers, and offers in the campaign funnel every minute.

The weight value is used to determine traffic distribution going towards specific elements.

By periodically adjusting weights of campaign elements, Traffic Distribution AI changes the flow of traffic to the most optimal one.

In order to take advantage of fresh data, they are based on the last 24hrs data set.

Put your traffic distribution on autopilot and let Voluum analyze your performance in real-time and automatically redistribute your traffic for the best ROI.

Custom Notification

Get mobile and desktop notifications when your performance suddenly changes.

Set your own rules for campaigns and offers

Notifications are the best way to be in the loop with your campaigns.

You can react instantly when something needs your attention, you can rest easy when event counters reach expected levels, or you can simply celebrate when you get your first conversion.

Notifications are available in both Voluum applications: web and mobile.

You can select which notifications you want to see from the predefined list of system notifications or create up to 50 custom rules to be notified about the most relevant events for you.

Other Features Voluum link tracker software includes:

  • Advanced targeting
  • A/B Split testing
  • Reporting API
  • Listicle tracking
  • Access to mobile tracking
  • Custom conversion tracking
  • Lander protection script
  • And lots more…

Voluum Plans and Pricing

Voluum has four (4) different plans for you to choose from.

But the least of the plan is much more than sufficient for you to start, unless you are an advanced marketer.

The Discover plan goes for $69/month, the Profit plan goes for $149/month, the Grow plan goes for $449/month while the Agency plan goes for $999/month.

voluum Pricing

==> Click Here to Try Voluum <==

3. ClickMeter

clickMeter Link tracker

The next link tracker is the ClickMeter tracking software.

ClickMeter is a click tracking software that allows you to monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place thereby increasing conversion rate.

Using the ClickMeter link tracker is as simple as creating a tracking link for your campaigns, using these links in your ads and watching the real-time reports on the performance of your campaigns.

ClickMeter is ideal for Agencies, Affiliates, Advertisers, and publishers. And there are over a hundred thousand big and small businesses using this tracking tool for their business.

Agencies can use this tool to:

  • Monitor their client’s and customer’s campaign
  • Track sales and conversions to understand which campaigns are succeeding
  • Fight Click frauds
  • And share real results with your customers in real-time

Affiliates can also use this tool to:

  • Manage all links and commissions in one place
  • Cloaking affiliate links, hiding your destination URL, protecting your commission and keyword list
  • Sales conversion tracking
  • Shorten your links and customize them with your domain name
  • Recognize clicks coming from single visitors or spiders, and detecting multiple clicks
  • A/B test with multiple destination URLs.
  • And get real-time report and alerts in seconds

Advertisers can also use this link tracking software to:

  • Identify their best marketing sources
  • Double-check data from your paid marketing sources
  • Fight Click Frauds
  • Use advanced redirect options in their advertising campaigns

Publishers on the other hand can also use this same link tracker to:

  • Certify the visibility (via views, clicks, or conversions) you provide for your clients
  • Share results with your clients in real-time
  • Increase trust and gain more clients
ClickMeter choice

ClickMeter Pricing

ClickMeter has three (3) pricing options and each of these prices is geared giving the best features of the tool for your business.

The Medium plan cost $19/month, the Large plan cost $99/month, while the X-Large plan cost $349/month.

Each of these plans has specific numbers of event you can track each month and other features that separate each plan from the other.

But these plans come with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and the option to change your plan anytime.

ClickMeter Price and plans

==> Click Here to Try ClickMeter <==

4. Improvely

Improvely Click Tracker

Another click tracking software on our radar is Improvely!

Improvely is a click tracking software that allows marketers to track, test and optimize their online marketing.

Improvely allows you to track results and detect frauds easily.

With the Improvely click tracking software, you can easily identify the source of every signup and sale, and easily determine whether it’s from a marketing campaign or any other channel.

This will allow you optimize your marketing for better result.

With it’s built-in Click Fraud monitoring systems, it also inspects every click for signs of suspicious activity and gives you an instant alert to potential click fraud.

With this, you can then take action to protect your advertising budget.

Improvely also shows you the real people using your site with an automatically created activity profile for each visitor.

You get to know your most valuable customers so you can find more of them.

Features of Improvely

Here are some key features of Improvely

Professional Conversion Tracking for Affiliates Marketers

Track Commission Sources

Improvely link tracker will show you which of your campaigns, ads, landing pages and keywords are generating commissions for you — without creating a separate referral link for every keyword you bid on.

This will allow you to focus your energy and resources more on what is working for your business and stop wasting money on what doesn’t work.

Protect Your Ads & Keyword Lists

The click tracking tool also protects your campaigns from theft and snooping affiliate managers and competition.

Improvely can cloak links and strip referrers from your traffic so the programs you’re promoting can’t see where you are getting your traffic and the medium that is getting you most results.

Cloak Your Affiliate Links

Improvely tracker helps in hiding the destination of your links from your site visitors by enabling its link cloaking feature.

With this feature, you can control what URL is shown in the address bar and what text is shown in the title bar of the window.

Integrate with dozens of affiliate networks & programs

Most importantly, for affiliate marketing, Improvely works with most affiliate program, especially those that supports tracking pixels or subid parameters.

That’s 95% of the major affiliate networks and most affiliate program software.

If your network doesn’t let you place a tracking pixel, the tool gives you the option to upload an exported commission report to its system.

Improvely Detect, Block & Deter Click Fraud

Roughly 30% of clicks on paid advertisements and solo ads are fraudulent clicks but you can stop it with the Improvely link tracker.

detect click fraud

This tools helps you detect, block and deter click fraud from your campaigns.

This click tracker inspects the quality of every ad click, 24 hours a day.

Whether it’s excessive non-converting clicks from specific countries, or a competitor repeatedly clicking your ads,

Improvely can detect and notify you of suspicious activity.

Also, when these click frauds are detected, Improvely will prepare a report with all the details you need to report the incident to the site or search engine you advertised on.

These Fraud reports include the IP addresses, locations, referring URLs and exact dates and times of every suspicious click recorded.

With this resource, you can tackle fraudulent clicks head-on and protect your campaigns from scammers and competitors.

Advanced Conversion Tracking and Conversion Attribution

Just like most link tracker must do, tracking clicks and conversions of your online marketing allows you to determine which campaign is bringing in more revenue and focus on such campaigns.

improvely report

Improvely click tracker shows you where your conversions and revenue are coming from so that you can spend more time on marketing that works, and stop wasting money on poorly converting traffic.

It also allows you to see the exact paths users take to your conversion and identify the points where lost sales dropped off.

Funnel reports show how users flow through multiple steps on your website.

These funnels reports are your power-house tool for identifying your best segments, and your biggest opportunities to improve.

Improvely also automatically creates a profile of each person on your site with all their past visits and conversions. With this, you’ll learn their time to conversion, lifetime value, location and more.

Plus, you’ll see first-hand how different channels contribute to each conversion on your site.

White-Label Marketing Report For Agencies

white label marketing report for agency

A good and best link tracker should give you the flexibility to work for your clients and work as an agency and Improvely allows you to create custom reports with your branding for your clients.

Though you can also do this with Voluum link tracking software.

This solution is valuable for agencies and marketers who want to protect their advertising budget, optimize their marketing strategies, and boost their revenue.

Improvely Pricing

Improvely offer four (4) different plans but each of the plans comes with a 14-days trial to test out the service before you are billed for your selected plan.

The plans and pricing are as the Freelancer plan at $29/month, the Startup plan at $79/month, the Small Agency plan at $149/month, and the Large Agency plan at $299/month.

Improvely pricing

==> Click Here to Try Improvely <==

Other Free Link Tracking Software

Wanna go the free route, there are some good and free link tracking software and we are going to take a look at some of these that can serve as a good click tracking software

5. Bit.ly

Bit.ly link tracker is one of the free link tracking tools that has been around for quite a long time.

This free tracking software allows you to get link of the long and ugly URL link by turning them into a short and brandable link which is easy to remember.

It is also useful for tracking the number of clicks on links by their geographic area and it also allows you to create short trackable links for your social media post.

Some of its notable features are:

  • Link Shortening
  • Branded Links
  • Mobile Links
  • Campaign Management and analytics

Now, let’s take a look at each of these features:

Features of Bit.ly

Link Shortening

This feature of the click tracking software allows you to create short and nice-looking links your visitors can easily recognize.

With this feature, you control how your links look, starting with unique back-halves that show your audience where you’re sending them before they even click.

And each link is encrypted with HTTPS to guard against eavesdropping or third-party tampering.

Branded Links

This feature allows you to use your custom domains to replace the default “bit.ly” in your links with the name of your choosing so you can take total control of your content.

By using your brand in your links, your audience will easily tale note of you and know they can trust you and If your audience can trusts your links and knows where they lead, they’re more likely to click on them.

Mobile Links

Their mobile link feature allow you to create more meaningful mobile experience for your users and directly route users to the right destination from your mobile communications.

You can also use the Bit.ly API to create thousands of unique SMS communications for customer support updates, order statuses, service delays or changes, appointment reminders, fundraising, and location-based promotions using short branded links.

Its mobile deep links feature allows you to directly route users to the right place within your app or send them to the app store to downloading your app.

Deep links sometimes create a seamless transition to mobile, drive app engagement, and encourage app installs.

And you can also Instantly generate a QR code for any of your Bitly links

Campaign Management & Analytics

It’s built-in analytics tools allow you to track and optimize your digital marketing efforts from their sleek dashboard.

With over 20+ real-time data points on every click, tap, and swipe so you’re armed with the information you need to share more of the content your audience is most excited about.

In short, Bitly as a free link tracking software is a good tracking tool that is very easy to use, even non-techies could start using it instantly and the free version does the job

==> Check out Bit.ly Here <==

6. Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a free WordPress link tracking plugin that automatically creates a short link on your domain.

This is a good click tracking plugin, one of the best tracker that allows you to easily hide your long and ugly affiliate links.

It allows you to easily cloak your affiliate links and group and organize them in a pretty nice way. And allows you to track each click counts to your affiliate links.

Features of Pretty Link

Here are some of its notable features:

  • Gives you the ability to create clean, simple URLs on your website that redirect to any other URL (allows for 301, 302, and 307 redirects only)
  • Generates random 3-4 character slugs for your URL or allows you to name a custom slug for your URL
  • Tracks the Number of Clicks per link
  • Tracks the Number of Unique Clicks per link
  • Provides a reporting interface where you can see a configurable chart of clicks per day. This report can be filtered by the specific link clicked, date range, and/or unique clicks.
  • View click details including IP address, remote host, browser (including browser version), operating system, and referring site
  • Download hit details in a CSV format
  • Intuitive Javascript / AJAX Admin User Interface
  • Pass custom parameters to your scripts through Pretty Link and still have full tracking ability
  • Exclude IP Addresses from Stats
  • Enables you to send your pretty links via Email directly from your WordPress admin
  • Select Temporary (302 or 307) or Permanent (301) redirection for your pretty links
  • Cookie-based system for tracking visitor activity across clicks
  • Create nofollow/noindex links
  • Turn tracking on / off on each link
  • Pretty Links Bookmarklet

==> Check out Pretty Links Here <==

7. ThirstyAffiliates

Thirsty Affiliates link tracker is also a free WordPress link tracking plugin similar to Pretty Links and does most of the thing Pretty Links tracker does.

They’ve been in the space for quite a long time but was recently acquired by pretty link and much like pretty link, ThirstyAffiliates is aimed at bloggers using WordPress, to create links across their site and increase affiliate revenue of their blog.

Features of ThirstyAffiliates

And here are some of the features of the Thirsty Affiliate link tracking software

  • Inbuilt affiliate link shorter/link Cloaker (creates pretty links like: http://example.com/recommends/your-affiliate-link)
  • Commission protecting affiliate link redirection options (301, 302 & 307)
  • Click stats tracking & reports
  • Hierarchical link categorization to easily segment links
  • Affiliate link picker tool which works just like the WordPress link tool
  • Advanced link picker tool (hit the cog icon after clicking the “TA” button on your editor) for more advanced options
  • Insert standard links, shortcodes or even images! (with full instant search capabilities)
  • Makes it easy to insert affiliate links in posts, pages and even comments. ThirstyAffiliates is there everywhere there is a standard WordPress editor
  • Handy quick add tool lets you easily create new affiliate links without even leaving the post edit screen
  • Customizable link URL prefixes – change “recommends” to something else, loads of pre-done link prefixes to choose from or use your own custom prefix!
  • Choose to show category slugs in link URLs
  • No, Follow option (global or per link)
  • Open in new tab (global or per link)
  • Full importing and exporting support via standard WordPress tools
  • Full backup compatibility via standard WordPress backup solutions
  • Uses WordPress approved storage techniques – doesn’t bloat your database
  • Add your graphics, banners and other images to affiliate links for easy insertion
  • In-built proactive link fixer which detects outdated affiliate links in your content and fixes them automatically
  • Completely modularized so you can turn on only the parts of ThirstyAffiliates that you need

==> Check out ThirstyAffiliates Here <==

Which Link Tracker is the Best: Conclusion

Our Best Pick:

Here they are!

A complete list of the seven (7) best link tracking software for your online marketing. These are awesome click trackers (free & paid) that is aimed at giving you optimal result in your online business.

Pick a link tracking tool that is best suited for your business but if you want to know what’s my favorite, one which provides a robust, advanced and sophisticated features when it comes to tracking on a large scale,

My best pick is the ClickMagick link tracking tool, as it comes with all the needed qualities you need as a beginner and as an expert. It’s also a link tracker that’s recommended by world-renowned affiliate marketers.

Clickmagick is one of my top pick and it takes the cake by a margin.

It’s not just my favorite, it is also one of the most advanced and competitively-priced link tracking solutions available today.

Following are some of the reasons why it’s still my first choice and a top recommended link tracking tool:

  • Reasonable pricing, with a FREE 14-day trial
  • Evaluates traffic quality score based on multiple metrics – some people use this feature to evaluate the quality of solo ads they are purchasing.
  • Create promotional bars, popups, and countdown timers with various content tools
  • Nearly 100% Uptime
  • Real-time statistics (choose between multiple time-zones)
  • Huge library of how-to videos to minimize with the learning curve and get you up and running in no time.
  • Learn cutting-edge marketing strategies with the newly-launched Expert Academy.
  • Thorough click-tracking guide for reference when you need it
  • Sub IDs to track different traffic sources by appending a sub-id which works similarly to a tag.

Our Second Best Pick:

My second-best affiliate tracking tool for marketers is the Voluum link tracking tool.

This is reserved for the advanced marketer as the dashboard alone can be quite intimidating and overwhelming for the beginner marketer.

This is why it is our second best pick.

Both ClickMagick and Voluum link tracker are the best and most recommended link tracking tool of choice but while ClickMagick is beginners friendly, Voluum seems to be more advanced and a bit overwhelming for beginners.

Voluum is therefore my second best link tracker for the seasoned marketer

Our Best FREE Link Tracking option:

If you are looking for a free link tracking software, my best free option is the Pretty Link tracker as it’s a good link tracking software with some decent features.

About the author 

Emmanuel Uzoezie

  • Thank you, Emmanuel, for your article!
    I have used Voluum for a while but they dropped their price very unexpectedly, so I had to choose another tracker.
    I stayed with AdsBridge and fully satisfied with this platform.
    On a related note, why you didn’t mention it on your list? You didn’t try it or find it not so good to be among your list?
    Will be very glad to see your answer 🙂

    • Hi Ton. I have not given Adsbridge a try as such I won’t know how good of a tracking tool it is. I will probably try it out and give my feedback on it. On the other hand, I’ve always gotten good results with both ClickMagick and Voluum and can confidently recommend it to others. But I will only recommend Voluum to the advanced marketer who are ready to take FULL and thorough control of their link tracking because it could be quite overwhelming for the beginner marketer, while recommending ClickMagick to both beginner and intermediate marketers because these are really nice and amazing tracking tools.

  • Hi Emmanuel, thank you for this quite in-depth article on link tracker tools. I have never used one and I will put this on my bucket list for 2020. I would need a little time to get started with it and try out the 14 day trial. Thank you so much!
    I could see how beneficial this would be for my website and for my clients!

    • Hey Lisa. Just connected with you on twitter!!!
      You are one of the few blogger I recently came across and really loving. And yes, you are free to try these out anytime. Especially for your clients, to make sure they are getting the need ROI on their advertising spent.

  • I would like to give a +1 to ClickMagick. It’s one of my best link tracking software. It not only helps in creating links but also helps to manage an online business efficiently.

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