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Hi here, in the spirit of total transparency and good business etiquette, I do like to disclose that there are products and links to those products that when purchased through this site, earns me an affiliate commission. While my goal with this blog is to provide you with educative and informative contents, please kindly bear in mind that I am not running a charity organization here.

One of the various ways we get paid for our efforts on this site and a  part of our  monetization strategy is to link to suggested products and services we believe will be of added benefit to you with our affiliate links. An affiliate link is a link which when you click on the link, takes you to the third party website and when you decide to buy something there, we get a commission.  It may be a lot or a little

Given the explanation above, you should assume that any link leading you to products or services recommended on this site is an affiliate link that I might receive compensation from just to be safe. Having said that, there are millions of products and services on the net related to blogging and making money online, but I only and will only promote, recommend and endorse products and services I have a either used or have a high level of trust and confidence on and can easily recommend to others for good use.

Please also note that while we try to reviews, recommend and endorse only quality and value-oriented products and services, we have not been any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning then on this site. The only consideration is in form of affiliate commission we earn through our affiliate links.

Moreover, while we liked products and services we suggest and linked to, we can't guarantee that you will like or make money from them either. In fact, you may hate them or not even make money from them. Please kindly refer to our Earnings Disclaimer for more detail on this. Therefore, we recommend you do your own due diligence research before buying anything.

Hopefully, the above statement clears up any misunderstanding you may have concerning contents on this site If you have any question , please kindly get in touch with me using the contact page on this site


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